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Welcome to Next Stage Knowledge,

We created Next Stage Knowledge to encourage computer users to gain a better understanding of how to use their computer, comfortably use the latest software on their computer and protect themselves while on their computer.

These courses are designed for novice/intermediate computer users.

Our goal is to provide a short tutorial on some of the latest software programs and internet security options available. While we cannot teach everything about the software program or encompass all of the internet security measure in just 2 hours, we can teach you the basics of each program. For example, most Adobe Photoshop experts use the same tools repeatedly with expert precision.

What we can guarantee you is that you’ll leave each course with a solid foundation of the basics of each software program or internet security option and that you’ll be able to build upon your understanding after leaving our course. Each student will leave each course they attend with a small booklet outlining the material taught in the course and additional material that may have been covered briefly while in the course.

We are always open to suggestions for new software programs you may be interested in learning or improvements that can be made to the course.

Once Again Welcome to Next Stage Knowledge and let us help take your knowledge to the Next Stage. Our website has been upgraded, please check it out.

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