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Come play Werewolf with us! Werewolf is a social deduction game (also known as Mafia). It’s easy to learn yet difficult to master. There’s no board, few rules, just talking, thinking, accusing, bluffing and lying!

Ten or more of us sit in a circle and we are given secret identities. Some of us are werewolves, and some of us are villagers (some of whom even have special powers)! The villagers want to lynch all of the werewolves through nominating and voting, and the Werewolves want to kill all the villagers secretly at night. It’s a great way to meet people and you don’t need to know how to play (we explain each time). So whether you’re a thinker or a talker and whether you're ruled by logic or instinct, you’re very welcome!

So, please come join us for some howling, slobbering Werewolf fun!

Past events (25)

LA Werewolfers - Mysterium Werewolf! - 5/28 at UCLA

Needs a location

LA Werewolfers - What's That Sound??! - 4/16 at UCLA

Needs a location

LA Werewolfers - Simple but Deadly! - 1/23 at UCLA

Needs a location

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