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Welcome you to visit/join our: Monday Night group in West Los Angeles, Thursday night group in Carthay Circle (just East of Beverly Hills & South of West Hollywood), as well as attend other events around greater L.A. and Southern California.

Receive Mantra Light Healing (combines mantra, mudra & visualization) and then Practice Guided Esoteric Meditations handed down through the Chinese Esoteric School, a 2500+ year old unbroken lineage of Enlightened Masters. Three great masters brought Esoteric Buddhism to China 716-720 A.D. during China's "golden age" Tang Dynasty. The Lineage flourished and the masters assimilated the wisdom of Taoist and Confucian masters. Around 845 A.D. an emperor sought to destroy Buddhism and took the vast wealth the flourishing temples had accumulated. All the teachings, empowerments, and knowledge of this lineage were passed on in secret in China from about 845 A.D. until 1990. Having just emerged after over 1000 years underground, this lineage and its powerful practices are just becoming known again.
Using Mantra, Mudra, and Visualization easily enter higher states of consciousness and move along the path to enlightenment.

Those interested can learn how to heal yourself and others using ancient meditation techniques.

Experience deepening joy, ease, love, and abundance.
Experience greater enthusiasm, happiness, discernment, stillness and purity.
Naturally attract others and good fortune to you.
Experience caring community support your growth.

Through regular practice of Esoteric meditations your own compassion/wisdom nature will increasingly emerge to guide your life. Feel empowerment and blessing flowing to and through you from this 2500+ year old unbroken lineage of awakened masters. This weekly group will offer caring community support, healing, and group meditation. Whether you are new to meditation or a long time meditator, you will be supported to move to your next step of growth. There are many different meditation practices to learn. Workshops will be available periodically.

Esoteric School Healing Practices Workshops will be available for healers and those who would like to receive empowerment to become healers. Reiki practitioners have reported that these practices greatly enhance their healing abilities.

This group is facilitated by Vajracharya Douglas Sutton. He has practiced Esoteric Meditation and Healing in the U.S. And China since 2000 under the guidance of Enlightended Master Dechan Jueren, 49th Lineage Holder of the Chinese Esoteric School, and 47th Lineage Holder of the Lingji Chan Zen Lineage. In 2012 Douglas Sutton returned to the U.S. after 8 years in China. Since that time he has taught meditation and spiritual healing in the U.S. and abroad including at the Dari Rulai Temple in La Puente CA where he serves as Vice Abbot.

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