What we're about

* Who should join: Creative entrepreneurs (self employed artists, painter, singers dancers, writers actors, fashion designers etc,) spiritual heart centered entrepreneurs, wanna be entrepreneurs, anyone interested in the law of attraction to achieve their life purpose, dreams and goals.

* Why should members join: To learn more about monetizing their life purpose, and unblocking the hidden potential of their talents and gifts.

* What can members expect out of the group: Describe typical activities. In this workshop we will go through steps that will help you understand what attracts abundance and what attracts your life purpose, written exercises and discussions.

* Community: Could you please explain how your Meetups will facilitate relationships between your members? This gathering is a community of loving and supportive encouragement, where it is safe and non judgmental, we help each other grow by doing exercises together in group. There is also time to network before, during and after the event.

More about the workshop:

In these gatherings we will talk about awakening and monetize your life purpose. The importance of doing what you love full time is the reason you were born! We talk about vibration and how vibrating the 4 bodies : mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual makes you manifest more completely that just using your mind(set) and your emotions of feeling good. Learn how to vibrate your four bodies for success so that you can do what you love more effectively.

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Super Fly Mixer + Launch Party

One Roof Women at The Green House at Platform LA

Women's Night Out

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