Halloween Season: Positive Energizing of Diverse Objects for a Beautiful Life

This is a past event

12 people went

Café Mak

612 Shatto Pl · Los Angeles, CA

How to find us

Josie and Elad will be inside Café Mak around 11:15am setting up in the private room. (213) 536-9270-text. There is a tiny parking lot inside the small driveway which you can check first then see if there is street parking.

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Hi, friends!🎃🔮
It's getting into the Halloween season and a time when the other worlds feel closer to ours just because people are thinking more about it. There will be a chill in the air and a slow darkening of the day and a dreaminess to the air around us. 🌕🕯️🧚‍♂️

Now is the perfect time to bring in some bright vibrant magical positive energy into the shadowy days, by energizing our objects to help us bring in what we need into our lives.✨

You can infuse or charge your item with good luck, money, job, good relationships, happpiness, joy, more friends, and other positive energies.
This is a casual get together over food/coffee/tea at our 'clubhouse' to chat, focus, and do the charging. ☕

1) Bring any object you want to charge that you can easily carry. It can be anything: jewelry, dolls, pens, candles, keys, mirrors, wands...etc..; liquid such as perfume, purified water, etc..; & crystals and stones with matching attributes as what you want to charge it with...

2) Bring anything that resonates with the energy that you are trying to infuse, for example, bring pictures of happy people, objects that brings you joy or good feelings, images of abundance, for romance- bring what inspires you to feel love such as a picture, music, or a book.. etc...

This should be a really deep, intense but relaxing and fun time 🦋🌺🌳

LOCATION: Cafe Mak in K-town. We are in the private room.

PARKING: There is a tiny parking lot, but if no space just try to find street parking but make sure to read all the street signs! This cafe is between 6th and Wilshire Blvd. It's usually easier to find parking since it is earlier in the day. Metro/bus/Lyft/Uber if you can.

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