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Hi Everyone,

Short Version First (Long Version is sooo much better)

Los Angeles iOS group just started.

February Meeting Not to be Missed

A - Because it will actually happen

B - Because...well, I will get back to you on that one...but it is gonna be a big BECAUSE

Right now and here, my company, Technical Connections, wants to and will commit to finding speakers, venues, and provide all around organization for this group's desire to have fully functional MeetUps for the foreseeable future. Why you ask?

Long Version for why creating Los Angeles iOS

I too attended tonights non-event as both a technologist...and yes dare I say it...recruiter.

That means...my company...Technical Connections is an...aaaaagency...ughhh. They are going to force me to go to ColdFusion interviews and I really want to focus on OpenGL dev and leave my CF past behind. (not that there is anything wrong with CF)

Please turn the stereotype monitor down three notches. We have been in business for 27 years, only serving Southern California...and how do you stay in business that long here in LA with http://dot.com and economic implosions...you actually know what you are doing and care about the people you work with!

But I digress...back to tonight

What I was really excited for tonight was that this was supposedly a beginners class in iOS development. Needless to say, after driving an hour in "the holidays are so over" traffic and roaming this strange mystery campus that I never knew existed in my 34 years of living in LA...I was pretty bummed to find out that this was a non-event. So I made Los Angeles iOS group.

I like technology...specifically Apple and iOS. I have worked with Apple on a number of projects, some for iTunes Originals . I have all the iOS Devices...I am the only one with a Mac in an office of Lenovo clones (yes, I have to run a virtual machine...SaaS and IE). Above all...this class would have made me better at my job...that way I can know that a .xib file is an Interface Builder file. (I had to look that up...because there was NO WAY I was learning it tonight!)

But I digress...again...I like good MeetUps...I have met some great folks and I can speak for myself and Technical Connections when I say...we could make this rad again...and I am not afraid to bust out RAD. I remember back at the those few Border Stylo meetups I got to attend and what great energy there was. I have some folks here that really would love to put together something special.

If this was all a huge mistake fine...but if not...join iOS Los Angeles. There are a lot of us that care. We want to provide something that you will want to come to. MeetUps that cover the full range from beginner to...what is the highest level of developer...iOS Ranger?

I promise that as of Feb. there will be a meeting not to be missed. There will be some time and effort spent.

PS - The saddest thing about tonight...I paid the $50 membership fee in my excitement...d'oh!

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