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NEW TEACHING SERIES - How to Bring Oneself Close to The Buddha

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Announcing a new teaching series:


Starting Saturday, June 21, 4:30 - 7:30

2109 O'Toole Avenue, Suite N, San Jose, CA

We are pleased to announce that Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche has returned from his travels in Nepal and India and will be giving an important transmission this summer.

When one learns the teachings of Buddha one becomes inspired by his teachings of compassion and wisdom and immediately starts to generate some of the benefits. The blessings from Buddhist teachings and practices wake up old seeds of virtue in our minds and we feel more peaceful, gentle and kind. With continued study and practice the benefits grow.

But the full value of the teaching is much larger and purer than the typical cultivator ever achieves. Why is that? What is missing? What separates the great practitioners from the ordinary practitioner?

Our Rinpoche observes how all great practitioners of today and across the ages have a powerful experience and relationship to Buddha in their heart and are able to abide in that experience, nurture it and grow it until they are one with the Buddha’s essence. Their powers and abilities grow beyond our conceptualization. But ordinary practitioners may recite the same Sutras and go through the same practices but don’t know how to build that closeness to Buddha in their heart. The result is that their attainments are limited by their worldly ideas and concepts.

When we develop true mind closeness with Buddha we abide in a transcendent view of all beings, compassion and wisdom develop naturally, virtues in the mind increase quickly and auspiciously, and we can free ourselves from what limits us. One cannot develop this closeness on one's own. From the compassion and wisdom realizations of our Rinpoche and the Buddha of wisdom, Manjushri, comes this new set of teachings and practices that will bring you this heart experience of Buddha. This transmission will lead us through teachings and practices that bring us close to Buddha and to increasingly abide in that closeness. Beyond a temporary feeling of peace and tranquility, this abiding closeness is the foundation for you to develop real skill in cultivating virtuous benefits and removing obstacles in your mind.

This teaching cannot be found anywhere else and this is the very first time they will be passed. We are very privileged to have this opportunity!

Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche is the 68th lineage holder of Nagavara Raja Lineage. Rinpoche was discovered at the age of 6 by the 67th Lineage Holder and trained in Wutai Mountain in China. Out of his deep compassion and wisdom, and from lifetimes of cultivation, he is able to guide beings of this time to mature all the qualities and abilities of our hearts and minds.

This series will unfold and build over the summer, typically on weekend afternoons.

New and experienced Students are welcome. Attendees should try to attend the entire series.

Space is limited - Please RSVP to help us with our planning.

There is no charge for classes. A donation to Rinpoche is encouraged to set the good origination for the Buddha’s pure teachings to flourish more and more.

By Buddha’s compassion and wisdom may the seeds of virtue in all beings quickly come to fruition !


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