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Visit the new Becoming Los Angeles exhibit at the Natural History Museum

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A new exhibit that examines the history of Los Angeles, which is titled, Becoming Los Angeles, will open to the public on July 14th, 2013 at the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park. The exhibit will be located in a brand new pavilion specifically built for the exhibit, since it will be a permanent feature at the Natural History Museum.

Personally, I'd like to wait a short while before I visit the exhibit, let them work out any possible kinks, and allow the novelty of the new exhibit (and the crowds it will bring) to wear off a bit. Plus there are a number of events coming up. So, I'll post the meetup date for Saturday, September 28th. It's a little ways down the line..but it's a permanent exhibit! Perhaps some of us can meet and chat afterwards at some point at the museum cafe. Some of you might decide to go before, or after the meetup date, but I hope to see some of you we can all at least just say hello!
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