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Whether you're new to the group or thinking about possibly joining an event, this is intended to help explain our group and events.

Everybody is busy and your time is valuable.

Succinct writing is not my forte, but I'll try to present relevant and applicable info to help everyone better understand this group, and some other aspects to improve your experience and help you get involved.

My hope is everybody has a positive experience from volunteering and can meet some new people (and make new friends). Thank you.

Some examples of topics that will be updated and further clarified include:

• reminder and elaboration on how to reduce meetup emails

• what is meant by "no host" and how can people still get involved and participate

• how to find other volunteer opportunities which may be geographically closer

• and maybe a few other small details to better improve everyone's experience

• mobile app links, elaborate why descriptions are detailed, photos, holidays/weather/unexpected changes, rescheduling, etc.

I've been very busy...but will try to find time soon. This is a priority for me.

Thank you.

Why are there so many emails?

I'm sorry if anyone receives a myriad of emails. Meetup removed the option for organizers to disable reminders.

The daily emails can get annoying and overwhelming. Changing email preferences takes a few seconds. Trust me, everyone should do this.

Go to https://www.meetup.com/account/comm/LosAngelesVolunteers

...and set "Meetup reminders" to "Never"

Feel free to change other email settings to reduce emails.


For anyone using the Meetup app, in the lower right corner, click "Profile"

...then in the top right corner, tap the 3 vertical dots and then "Manage notifications" and then "Email Updates" and scroll down to tap People Helping the Community and set "Meetup reminders" to "Never"






What does "no host" mean?

Why are there so many events?


Addendum for Women in this Group

I'll have time tomorrow to write something...





This group is different.

I'm comfortable volunteering alone, but understandably, some may prefer events with many people.

Large get-togethers with several people are rare in this group, so honestly, other groups can better introduce you to new people. (http://www.meetup.com/find)

If meeting people is a top priority, try joining other groups. (http://www.meetup.com/find)

This group is not for everyone. It's disorganized, fragmented, and chaotic. Plus, I'm the worst or second-worst organizer on Meetup. :)

A few people have complained and criticized (e.g. "too many meetups," "nobody else signs up," "everything is too far," "not enough people go" etc.).

C'est la vie.

Nevertheless, if anyone is sincere about volunteering, some "suggestions" are posted. Most have descriptions and instructions on how to participate. And some show photos of what to expect.

People live all over: Inland Empire, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, Westside, etc.

Finding volunteer events for everyone is challenging. If what is posted doesn't interest you, is too far, or doesn't fit your schedule—try searching on Google or other sites.

Even though there may not be a host who coordinates and manages members meeting one another, other volunteers (outside Meetup) should be there too. If other members don't sign up, people who volunteer at these events tend to be friendly, positive, and welcoming. I've gone to some events on my own and many people were cordial, so that's why I know this is a great way to meet quality people.


Do you know anyone who passionately raves about how yoga, Crossfit, vegetarian/vegan diet, or something else is life changing? Well, hopefully this doesn't sound preachy or like an aggressive sales pitch.

If you join(ed) this group, you probably are open to helping. If so, consider volunteering at least once. Maybe you won't like it. But maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. You can decide if the proverb/adage is true, "It's better to give than to receive."


Despite horrible things happening in the world, people can make a difference.







"faith in humanity" (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22faith+in+humanity%22)

"acts of kindness" (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22acts+of+kindness%22)

"real life heroes" (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22real+life+heroes%22)












Originally, Derrick started and built this group of people getting involved in helping the community.

Someone else recently stepped down as organizer, so I'm here to assist in returning to the tradition established by Derrick.

My goal is to find volunteer opportunities and make it easier for people to help the community -


If anyone wants to participate, that's fine. If anyone doesn't, that's fine too.

I don't bug, nag, guilt, or pressure anyone. Email announcements and reminders will not be sent.

If the activities posted aren't appealing or convenient, try checking:




Hopefully something fits your schedule/availability and is relatively close (yay for the recently low gas prices).

If something interests you, maybe suggest it so others can join you - http://www.meetup.com/LosAngelesVolunteers/events/suggested

I've witnessed many people have a positive and enjoyable experience from volunteering.


So hopefully some of you will also have a similar experience. Have fun! And thanks again for helping.

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