Play Sports with Kids at Children's Shelter (Camarillo)

'People Helping the Community' in LA
'People Helping the Community' in LA
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Casa Pacifica Centers For Children & Families

1722 S Lewis Rd · Camarillo, CA

How to find us

Sign up with them for details (date, start time, address, parking, etc.). If other members sign up, maybe post a comment, or contact each other in advance, and coordinate together on how best to meet one another. Thanks for helping. Have fun!

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Would anyone want to attend this event and help host?

Hosting isn't hard.

It involves being a point of contact in case others sign up and want to meet & volunteer together.

If your plans/availability change, and you can't attend anymore, that's fine, just let us know and maybe someone else

can step up to host, but if not, it's okay and we can cancel this meetup.



Q: Why can't I just show up? If I sign up here on Meetup, why do I also have to sign up with another person or register on another site?

A: I don't want anyone to show up to find out the event is canceled / rescheduled, or that they have too many volunteers and room isn't available for you to help.

Registering with them will save you a spot with them and they can confirm the date, start time, address, parking info, instructions, and updates if anything changes.

Scroll down for more info on how to register with them.


If anyone didn't sign up/register with PAI, then please do not just show up. They might not be able to accommodate any extra volunteers. Please feel free to try for next month though if room is available. Thank you.


I try to spread the word about volunteer opportunities and raise awareness about non-profits/charities that do good work.

This event is from another group, Progression Athletics International (PAI):

They "use athletics as a platform to positively influence at-risk youth in our community and around the world by teaching life skills, accountability, leadership, the importance of education, healthy lifestyle choices, and cultural diversity."

"The foundation of PAI is our sports clinics that we use to engage youth and build positive relationships with those who participate."

"They are comprised of a free two-hour clinic for the at-risk youth we serve, where we bring in volunteers from the local community who encourage the children to participate in the activities."

"People often ask if you need to be an expert to come out and work with the kids. You DO NOT need to be an expert, you just need to have a passion to help at-risk youth!"


If anyone wants to help, sign up on their Eventbrite page -

Redundant Reiteration: Signing up here on Meetup is insufficient. Signing up with PAI is necessary.

Signing up with them helps them avoid having "too many" volunteers and they can update you in case anything changes.

After registering with them, they can provide more info/details (when to arrive, where to park, what to help with, where to meet, etc.).


Casa Pacifica might NOT allow anyone/everyone who just shows up to volunteer. Therefore, registering directly with them (PAI) should allow them to give you further info on when to arrive, what to help with, and be cleared for entry into the shelter.

If anyone participates in the physical activity/sport, consider wearing appropriate clothes & shoes and maybe bring water and/or snacks.

Examples of the sports they play are basketball, dodgeball, football, soccer, and volleyball.

Depending on the sport/activity...they might play inside the gym, or outside, such as on the grass field.


For future dates, check out their calendar. Look for "Sports Clinic Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families" -

Questions can be answered by contacting them:



"Casa Pacifica provides hope and help for abused, neglected or at-risk children and their families."

"We meet kids and families at the most challenging times of their lives and help them overcome some of life’s most difficult circumstances – abuse and neglect, complex emotional and behavioral issues, family crises."

"We restore hope, help children find joy in daily living, and improve families’ chances at making a better life for themselves and at finding a place in their community where they can be successful."

"Casa Pacifica is committed to children unconditionally over time and through all of life’s ups and downs."