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Please join us if you've lost a sibling, no matter how long it's been. Siblings can be our best friends, they grew up with us and knew us better than anyone else- even if you grew apart over the years. Because of such a close bond it can be extremely difficult to deal with their passing. Know you're not alone. Healing takes time and sometimes a helping hand and the support of others who have experienced the same type of loss.

This will be a welcoming place with people who are going through something very similar designed for you to talk about your brother or sister, to share your memories of them and your experiences with grief. If you would like to come and not talk, that is certainly welcome too.

Would love for this to become a monthly group and it can transform into whatever we need it to be in order to feel like each of us has a place, with friends, where we can openly talk as much as we'd like about our beloved brothers and sisters that left us too soon. Hope to see you there.

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