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Let's get together to explore some of the forgotten or lesser known areas of South Eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. We will set out in search for some of the many ruins, ghost towns, and other abandoned locations that dot our area. We are only here to explore and photograph these areas to learn about what was once here, what purpose it served, and why it's no longer here.

This is a group for anyone interested in urban exploration, interested in the local history of our area, or people who just want to take some awesome pictures. This group will be kept small by design and only those with an active interest who plan on attending group events, and abide by the rules are welcome to join. We will be looking to explore abandoned structures including ruins, ghost towns, derelict bridges, and some historic locations that may even include tours.

We are not interested in or promoting dangerous or illegal activities. The golden rule is to leave the areas just as we find them. That means move nothing, steal nothing, or or break nothing. Although some of these areas may be covered with graffiti and the ground littered with trash, just remember that we are explorers, not vandals!

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Eastern State Penitentiary Tour

Eastern State Penitentiary

Forgotten Cemetery Expedition

Mount Moriah Cemetery main gate

Expedition 003

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Industrial & RR Ruins Exploration

Saylor Park

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