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Empathic Oracle Card Readings

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Empathic Oracle Readings by Corinne Warren

As an empath I am able to assist you in healing emotionally by contacting your higher self and the angels to guide you, and by giving you tools to assist you in processing emotions smoothly. Emotions are there to be our guides through this life - Don't cut them off.

What is an empath?

An Empath is someone who can tangibly tell how another human being is feeling merely by being in the other person's presence. Signs of being an empath are: being sedentary, avoids social interaction with large groups, are commonly misdiagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, and are prone to depression from unknown causes.

I am an empath! This is a blessing and a curse - A blessing, for now I can assist you in healing and a curse because it is nearly impossible to turn the ability off if you don't have the right tools. I have the tools & I can pass them on to you!

During the reading I utilize oracle cards, pendulums (attuned to my higher self), channeling to communicate with your higher self & to all that are here to assist you in spirit, and crystals to assist grounding you.

It is my hope that after the reading you will be more empowered and lovingly reconnected to the Divine Spirit.


Corinne Warren

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