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What kind of women constitute your tribe?

If it’s self-motivated ambitious women actively working to transcend both perceived and real limitations so they can identify, explore and achieve their highest possibility, then join us! The road to success and a soul-aligned way of living isn’t always a straight line. There are lots of unexpected twists and turns. But like the lotus—intent on its rise through mud, darkness, and tangled weeds, the lotus woman on the rise can’t help but surface and bloom.


I am Susan Eckert—a photographer, educator, and soul alignment coach inviting you into my community of powerful women all looking to rise up and own their infinite possibilities.
Starting in late summer/Early fall I will be hosting speakers, workshops (both online and in person), and introducing personal and professional development resources/programs to help you in your rise.

Women can and should lift one another up! Let’s start a movement!


****Susan Eckert holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Columbia University. A thought leader, educator, published artist, and more recently soul alignment coach, her book Body & Soul introduced the photography world to the power of boudoir photography as a transformative tool. As founder of The Transformation SpaceTM Susan expands on her mission ‘Illuminating the power of the feminine®️‘ by offering reflection, connection, and growth through PIC™️—a unique mind/body/soul approach to body positivity, self-love, and soul purpose alignment.



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Susan Eckert Portraits

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