• Tech Networking with Discussion on Customer Discovery

    The Bungalow Lakehouse

    Customer interviews can help you make better decisions about your product or service- but where do you start? Tonight we will be inviting a recent graduate from the ICAP program to share some insight into the benefit of customer interviews, how they framed these conversations and what they learned about their business. Loudoun Tech Startups is the local group for the emerging and growing Loudoun Tech community to relax, network and learn together. Come out monthly to meet your tech-minded peers, discuss what you're working on and maybe even find your next opportunity. Loudoun Tech Startups has served the needs of the community since 2012. http://www.loudounsmallbiz.org/ http://www.masonenterprisecenter.org/space/mec-leesburg/ Please note, this group was created to help tech firms and startups benefit from connecting with one another. Service providers can participate and share their wisdom, but this isn’t a forum to sell services. We appreciate your understanding.