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Open to all visual creatives and crafters, Designers, Painters, Printmakers, Jewellers, Illustrators, Sculptors etc.

I started this group because as a practising creative myself I know it can be isolating especially once you’ve left the studio environment of university or college.

Whether you're a recent graduate, looking to make the transition between hobby and career and need some coaching or advice or been practising your discipline for decades. All skills levels are welcome, amateur or professional.

Hopefully by meeting fellow creatives you'll get encouragement, be able to share ideas, get positive feedback. I'm also more than happy to give coaching and advice and that sometimes much needed motivation (kick up the arse) to make a start or finish that project you’ve been thinking about!

It will be an easy way to enjoy some company with like-minded souls once every couple of weeks or so, no pressure, no agenda. Meet up have a drink or two, have chats, get to meet new people and maybe learn something new and have a bit of fun at the same time!

The idea will be to have a meet up once a fortnight alternating between a weekday afternoon and a Saturday afternoon at the Orange Tree in Loughborough.

But please don’t join or contact if you’re:

a. Mad. (A little mad is ok)

b. Trying to sell something (expensive gifts to myself are acceptable however)

c. Trying to save our souls (see point a).

d. Very, very angry about something I’ve written (tell your therapist instead).

e. Lack a sense of humour.

f. Any combination of a, b, c, d or e

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