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A life-changing experience in Finland Capital Area!​

Welcome to experience a powerful, loving, caring time with a very important person in your life: YOU! ​

Discover how you can be, feel and live more prosperous, safe, happy, balanced, trustful and healthy!!​

​♥ Overcome fear and take back the control of your mind, thoughts and life. ​

♥ Re-focus on your thoughts in order to manifest positive experiences in health, prosperity, relations, work, etc.

♥ Apply new daily routines so that you can nourish self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance.

♥ Use easy and practical techniques to attract all the good in your daily life.

♥ Heal the relation with yourself and with others using the power of forgiveness.

♥ Calm and silence the internal critique which keeps you stuck and suffocates your creativity.

♥ Recover the natural healthy state of your body, understand how you influence the way you feel and look

♥ Create strong affirmations that supports you to align your thoughts and enjoy your life.

♥ Re-take the road easily when you feel overwhelmed by negative or stressing thoughts, situations and feelings.

We go in deep level through several topics and undercover everything which has worked for you until now and release all what has not...

During our time together we will explore the following areas and you will learn lots of practical tools to apply on your daily life whether is to deal with stress and difficult situations or to keep you growing, enjoying, laughing and loving. ​

Meet your teacher!

Karla K. Peronio is a public speaker and certified “Heal Your Life” licensed teacher and EFT certified Practitioner with international experience on delivering workshops and seminars since 2012 in well-being and personal development area.

She is the only teacher in Finland and one of the few in Europe who has learned from Louise Hay at her last exclusive retreat as well as from Cheryl Richardson.

With a diploma on Positive Psychology and training on "TED talk speaking", she has had life experiences that helped her understand how she was the main contributor to her own Life.

She is also a professional in IT Service Management which gives her a very realistic view on life and what you may be passing through as well.

Diagnosed with an autoimmune dis-ease, she chose the most effective way of healing, the healing from “within”, and took this experience as a journey of learning and self-discovery. Check her testimonials and recommendations: http://www.MagicalLife.eu/Testimonials

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