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First I must emphasize that there are exceptions to every rule -- the exceptions simply prove the rule.

Secondly, this site is for the GOOD men. If you are a bad man then you are not welcome here. I have no use for you.

Men, you have been lied to. There are a very few women out there who make good partners, and almost all of these have been taken by age 25. If you are not one of the fortunate young men who got one of these few good women, then life is a living hell for you, and this site is for you. My opinions that follow may all be found online and in various good books on the topics of men's rights/men's awareness, but my comments include my "spin" on the material.

Why did I start this page? Here is the "gender war" in a nutshell ---

"There is no real brotherhood. All men are alone, and potential adversaries at all times, while women watch from the sidelines looking for the most ferocious male to be her partner (ferocity being substituted for with money in "civilized" society). Women are extremely picky, and are looking at FOUR characteristics in their men: 1) That he will LEGALLY MARRY the woman in question, 2) Looks, 3) Money/Power/Fame, and 4) Personality. The women scratch and claw at each other, fighting for the few males deemed lovable -- often this being their only real skill. Few women remain satisfied for long with the male they eventually "settle" on for provisioning (a slave husband to pay their way, children, home, medical insurance, retirement, etc.). This is why most women in marriage will engage in all manner of evil relationship behavior -- they turn frigid, when they do have sex they threaten additional pregnancies the man didn't consent to or can't afford, they gain weight or otherwise loose their sexiness before their time, they attack the man's self esteem, etc. She does it BECAUSE HER MAN IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and she is not happy. She is saying to her man, "YOU DO NOT DESERVE MY BEST". She is doing it to drive the man away yet be able to blame HIM for it. She is DISMISSING him. A special emphasis must be made regarding the weight gain. Women know damn well that their FAT is the single most important problem for their man vis-a-vis their looks, and when they put on the weight they are making the statement that he is not good enough. They are slapping him in the face. Some men are so beat down by the unavailability of decent women that they will marry a woman who is ALREADY FAT.!! Many women are looking for and expecting to find one of these poor bastards. She is keenly aware of other women's opinions that her husband might be getting "more than he is paying for" (i.e.: "why are you with HIM?"). She envies and hates especially the man's superior ability to experience pure sexual joy, and this is the primary point of her attack on her "loser" husband. Remember -- all women want to fuck the same TOP TEN guys in town -- they DON'T want to fuck you! -- at least not until THEY are about 50 years old. (Remember back in high school, that kind-of-cute but kind-of-plain girl who quietly said "no" when you finally got up the balls to ask her out? Remember how back in high school you "just knew" that you couldn't expect to get anywhere with the more attractive girls, even though many people kept telling you, "go ahead,,, try,,,, she's probably all by herself on Saturday nights"?,,,,, well, none of that was your fault !!!). Women objectify themselves and commodify their attentions before men ever do.!!! If monogamy be defined as remaining attracted to and interested in one's partner, then women, on average, have an even greater difficulty with monogamy than men do, which is why they rail against men's own roving interests. A large part of men's own issues with "faithfulness" is due to the absolute shittyness of the women that we have little choice but to deal with. If women were more worried about "getting it", they wouldn't worry so much about what men are doing to "get it". Women's main problem AND POWER is that they are not concerned about "getting it", yet they know that men are!

It takes tremendous character and courage to NOT sell out to the above described system and NOT try to participate successfully ---- women see the system as to their own interests, while REAL MEN who refuse to go along find themselves utterly alone ,,,, rejected by women and men alike, undercut by the male "pussies" out there who largely go along with the system. Even the "better" women who do exist, clearly see all this happening around them yet REMAIN SILENT.!!!, since they too benefit from it. Women as a group know damn well what is happening to men and they maintain a silence about it. If men behaved this way about some sad plight befalling women, they (the men) would be chastised about it, as they are chastised for everything else today.

This group is for men and even women who truly wish to end the gender war.

I opened this site for at least the following reasons:

1) As a place to network and find possible friends. It is important for men to learn to be true friends for each other. Women (as a group) want men to be completely dependent upon women for all men's relationship needs, which are essentially sex and companionship. While there is nothing real men can do for each other regarding the romance, we could still learn to provide each other friendship, love, acceptance. Women generally are not our true friends anyway. They are mostly schemers, manipulators.

2) As a place for men who have been mistreated by the social and legal systems- to let them know that someone understands. Men are the only remaining group in society that it is still legally and socially acceptable to persecute/exploit.

3) As a place to find a better explanation of what happened to particular men, and words of encouragement or areas where there might, or might not be, hope.

4) A place where I might give some general words of caution, or warning, to men, about the situation we find ourselves in.

5) If you are involved in a divorce, or other domestic dispute, particularly if children are involved, and have not been adequately warned about our family law "meat grinder", it is important that you contact me, or someone else who has been through it and knows some of the pitfalls, and the important things to stay focused on. Don't sign ANYTHING until you talk with someone who has really been there. Be warned about something -- even your own attorney is probably not as much on your side as you would like to think he is -- there is a "game" going on that he too is required to play. This is how they make their money. The marriage-divorce industry is a multi BILLION dollar industry, and where do you think the money comes from, and to whom do you think it goes? It comes from the children and the moral, hard working husbands and fathers, and it goes to women and their lawyers. The one who needs sex is the one who works, and the one who works is the one with the money, and the one with the money is the one who must lose in family court.

I am a retired engineer and a very good amateur philosopher. I have a much broader range of intellectual interests than most people. I am an "educated" person. I have both technical as well as creative skills. I am both school as well as self taught. I understand some things about life, the world around us, and about proper human relationships. You might say that I have (almost) all the "dots in life connected". I have been through my own relationship trials. I would like to know if I can help anyone through my experiences and knowledge. If you would like to talk to such a person I invite you to contact me. Perhaps I can help you connect some dots.

Should anyone contact me I will not pull punches - I am not a professional counselor paid to listen to you and simply remain relatively silent. I will tell you what I think you need to hear about the situation. As always, YOU have to decide if something is true. I cannot determine for you what is true. I am somewhat smug in what I know and I have gone to significant amount of trouble to know it - I know that the very fact of reading what I have written here would be comforting to someone who needed to hear it, yet disconcerting, even revolting, to others who have a different agenda.

To communicate with me, PLEASE use my regular email at rodney203@aol.com

Thanks and good luck


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