Canceled Meetup

CANCELLED - Monday Evening Cherokee/Seneca CoEd Beginners Ride


Skill Level: BEGINNER - We will break into two groups. The front group - 6 mph MAX average, including stops. The leader will use a GPS to ensure the pace does not exceed 6 mph. If you want to go faster than "slow" then this is NOT the event for you. We go slow to make sure beginners don't feel pressured or intimidated at all.

If someone falls behind the front group they are welcome to wait until the rear group comes and then join them.

No one will be left behind in the rear group. After Hogan's Fountain people in rear group will have the option to ride the road back or continue on the trail as far as they want to go.

Start Time: We plan to roll out of the parking at 6:15 pm sharp. I want to respect the time of everyone who shows up early so if you aren't ready to hit the trail at 6:15 please plan on pedaling fast to catch up ;-)

Rear group - no one will be left behind. We usually average between 3.5 and 4.5 mph.

Distance: 3-12 miles, you can ride the road back anytime you get tired.

IMPORTANT. BEFORE YOU COME -Print the map called " Cherokee Seneca Trail Map with outs listed- (" . Its also located under the "More" tab then "Files". You will see the "More" tab at the top of the page.

We will also include a sweeper as far as Hogan's Fountain so no one will get lost or left behind. I'll hang back to help as needed as we go through different kinds of obstacles. This ride does include roots, rocks, and significant hills and there are hills so you need to have some aerobic conditioning.

Wear shoes with good treads

Wear biking gloves to protect your hands if you fall

Protective eye wear recommended. There are many branches that cross the trail
For a list of other items to carry with you see the file in this discussion... click HERE (

Keep in mind:
1. Out of respect for others, please make sure you tires are aired up and your bike is ready to roll when you arrive.
2. Helmet required.
3. Bring water.

4.Don't forget to bring ID and your insurance card in case of an emergency.

Finding Us - Meet at the parking lot near the Seneca basketball courts. This is located about 600 feet west of the tennis courts which are inside the walking track.

Those who are not KyMBA members are very welcome to join us but will be required to sign a liability waiver and a sign-in sheet. Anyone under 18 will need the signature of their parent or guardian to ride.

KyMBA members will only be required to sign the sign-in sheet.

Please check trail status HERE ( to see if the trail is dry enough before coming out.