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late winter 2013 Orchard workshop - prune, get scion cuttings

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DIRECTION UPDATE: from gene snyder at bardstown road, go south about 3 miles; turn right onto thixton at the Bootleg BBQ sign; follow thixton to the stop at about 1.9 miles; turn left at the stop and follow thixton another 1.25 miles. address numbers are not sequential. LOOK FOR "8700" in blue letters on white background on the south side of the road. Park along thixton if possible. I will have hot tea, soup, handouts, and possibly apple seedlings(30 if fedex comes thru) for attendees. thanks for registering - pete

PARKING/LOCATION UPDATE: Hey. I will put up a sign along thixton late in january. I went on google maps trying to figure the address of the abandoned driveway to the orchard and it doesn't exist. The 8700 thixton lane address is as close as I could come. The drive is narrow and has some brambles that might scratch your car. Parking along thixton and walking in is probably the best option to prevent getting hemmed in.

EVENT DETAILS: Hi all. I have planted a medium sized 2 acre orchard in south jefferson county with 60 apples, figs, peaches, plums, and pears varying in age from 1-4yrs. I will be pruning these in the late winter so cuttings will be available for those who want them. I would be able to discuss layout, grafting, pruning, and water issues. I also have 20 trees in a raised bed that were heeled in this summer and will be dug up and planted next spring. If anyone has apricot/nectarine recommendations, I have yet to get any of those but will do so.

Other items for future discussion/meetings might be - the solar well pump and water storage for the orchard, guild groupings for the orchard, running geese in the orchard, building a trellis in the orchard, creating an outdoor-fireplace and cob oven on an old house foundation, and a treehouse project.

Other future projects on the site include building a barn, possibly timber framed with lumber milled on site with a cob smokehouse from the smaller timber felled as well as a hoophouse and greenhouse. Water collection and active-passive solar issues will be given large consideration in all construction.

anyhoo, I will keep this site appraised of what is going on so we can learn together as these things progress. The owners have thoughts of using the area(200 acres) for family farming, possibly a sustainability oriented community, as well as an educational site resource or school for special needs children.

If you want a place to meet in the wilderness or permie ideas they might want to learn about or try out, let me know. Merry xmas, pete


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