Networking for Personal and Professional Growth


Over the years I have been fortunate to have many opportunities that have helped me go from crushing poverty to financially stable. However, none of those opportunities would have happened without networking. Through networking I was able to find out about new positions, get referrals, and more easily move from Bowling Green, KY to Louisville, KY.

Through this talk, I would like to help others grow professionally and personally through sharing my own networking experiences, advice I have been given, and lessons I have learned so you can more easily grow your network and career.

Elizabeth Gray:
A graduate of Western Kentucky University who somehow took a Bachelors in Sociology/Criminology and turned it into an IT career. I worked as technical support for WKU Libraries doing general Desktop Support, did a short stint at Charter Communications helping people tweet and watch Game of Thrones, had a great time a the American Printing House for the Blind as a bit of a jack of all trades in IT, and now work as a Software Development Engineer for CloudFit Software.