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Have lunch with us at Little India Cafe

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Someone from a previous meetup suggested this place and I gave it a shot. It's a gem!

It's the first Indian place I've chosen to eat the buffet. For a good price that can't be beat: $8.23 is what my receipt said. Their rice doesn't stick together and their chana masala really wows with beans that melt in your mouth amidst smooth flavors of which all that can be said is, "That's good Indian food."

I chose to have our second meetup of the month of January to be held during lunch time. Perhaps there aren't many, but not everyone works days. You know who you are!


This is their Menu:


Let's get a big group together and see if we can't request most of their offerings be vegan that day. Isn't that a neat goal? ^u^

Meetup Rep's Menu Recommendations:

I recommend the chana masala for sure, best I've ever had. Their Aloo Gobi was also tasty. They had a chickpea cold salad that was also flavorful but is not listed on their official menu. Good fresh naan as well!