Mobile apps with EigenFrame, and more!


We'll be talking about mobile app development and related things.

-- John Sawaya will tell us about his current project: EigenFrame, a platform for dynamic systems on Android. (See a full description below.)

-- We've been discussing Flutter, PhoneGap/Cordova, React, etc. on our mailing list recently, so we may discuss those technologies also.

-- In addition, Ben Fitzpatrick will bring us up-to-date on the current version of HackMan, his own Arch-based Linux distro.

-- And John Hicks says, if there's time, he may give us an update on his JavaScript chess program and how he's enhanced it with web workers.

Now for nitty-gritty on EigenFrame:

EigenFrame: A platform for dynamic systems on Android

EigenFrame starts with a URL request, but instead of getting a simple web page, it parses specifications (represented in JSON format) to dynamically build an openly programmable application that includes Android user-interface components and provides access to available camera hardware and device sensors.

More than just a web browser, EigenFrame has an embedded JavaScript interpreter with access to internal Android classes, methods, and properties, and a secure-shell client capability to interface with a local Termux app (with openssh) to integrate your own application scripts, in whatever language/tool you choose (bash, git, Ruby, Perl, Prolog, gpg, ...). In contrast, web browsers only have limited scripting access to the host mobile device from inside a browser window.

EigenFrame provides asynchronous URL/ssh requests, so you can use cloud-based services, or local Termux services (like Apache2/cgi or Ruby Webrick) to generate dynamic EigenFrame components. The github repository includes examples.

EigenFrame: a truly extensible architecture for dynamic system integration. It's currently available to beta testers. General release is planned for any day now.


Come and join us! We usually have between 15 and 25 open-source fans (programmers, users, administrators, etc.) show up. Good conversation and networking and, often, a great presentation or two.

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month. If we don't have an announced program, feel free to come with a discussion topic or a presentation to make to us! (Or just come and join the conversation!)

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