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Throat Chakra Art Class: Self-expression and Communication

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This is a fun, creative and playful way to bring you into balance and alignment, remove blocks that limit you, to heal and transform.

This is part of a 7 week journey, releasing blockages from and healing the 7 main chakras of the Kundalini chakra system. You can participate in the full course or you can come to one or more of the classes that you feel drawn to.

All welcome, absolutely no artistic experience or 'talent' necessary!

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra governs communication. When our throat chakra is balanced we feel listened to, heard and understood. We aren’t afraid to speak our truth and we are able to express ourselves easily and effortlessly. We are able to discern the truth from dishonesty in others and we listen to, hear and understand others.

Imbalances can lead to fear of judgement if we communicate what we really think to others. Blocks can also create problems expressing ourselves clearly. Blocks can manifest themselves as problems with our hearing, neck and shoulders or with the thyroid gland (leading to problems with our hormone production and metabolism). Blocks can also be created by, or manifest themselves as a lack of understanding.

This Class

We will be using art and meditation to help us access the subconscious to identify and release aspects blocking you from expressing yourself easily, effortlessly and without fear of judgment. We will also be releasing blocks in order for energy to flow, so that you are easily able to make yourself feel understood and are able to understand others clearly.




£22 on the day

£18 in advance

£15 concessions

(includes all materials)


Each morning there is a chakra workout from 10.30am-1pm working on the same chakra. These sessions compliment each and if you’d like to come to both they are mutually beneficial. Click here ( for details about the chakra workouts.

If you'd like to come to the full course or if you'd like to work one-to-one on any issue please contact Caroline (


Previous Comments:

"Fantastic workshop, very many thanks Caroline! Well worth the journey from Oxford! A beautiful, gentle, guided meditation into our first chakra and some very powerful healing and insights through the medium of art... I was especially fascinated by the accurate insights we all picked up from each other's drawings! Love it and will definitely be back for more!! Thank you!!" Silvie

“In the two weeks following the Root Chakra workshop, I was awarded my PhD, got engaged and was offered a new cottage to live in. Work, family and home moved on in rapid succession. Powerful stuff!" Dominique

“I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, always great people, I simply love it, so wonderfully transformative. Thank you Caroline it's soooo good :)” Laurence

“A fun filled evening and a safe space to share. Caroline brings lightness and joy into her workshops. Thank you :)” Anna

“I really enjoyed the physicality of the journey. Well lead by Caroline. Very welcoming group of people.” Maxine

“Quite possibly the best Meetup I have attended! There was tea, biscuits, beautiful people, wonderful guided meditation, drawing and art, releasing of blocks…loved every minute. Couldn't believe how quickly the time went.” Michelle

“Lots of laughter and releasing, art is such a wonderful way to tap into your inner core!!! and be gentle yet playful with.” Tereza

“Fantastic evening … art can do wonders!” Ravi

“It's soooo fun! We have lots of laughter!! And the healing is defo working so well for me!!” Yi


Please note we have moved next door to Lime Tree Studio!

There are no shoes in the studio so feel free to bring cosy socks, slippers or anything else that makes you feel at home.

Lime Tree Studio is 5 mins walk from Kennington tube (1 stop from Waterloo/3 stops from London Bridge on the Northern line) or 10 mins walk from Vauxhall (2 stops from Victoria on the Victoria line). There's free parking evenings and weekends.

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