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Crown Chakra - Healing Art Journey

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This is a fun, creative and playful way to bring you into balance and alignment, remove blocks that limit you, to heal and transform.

All welcome, absolutely no artistic experience or 'talent' necessary! :)

The Crown Chakra

When our crown chakra is balanced we experience free flowing inspiration, feel aligned to our life-purpose, we are consciously aware and the nature of our higher-self flows through our every action and thought. We are constantly guided by our higher nature, we experience and radiate peace, wisdom, trust, selflessness and are able to see the bigger picture at work in all situations

Imbalances in the crown chakra can create the inhability to see the spiritual nature of things and a feeling of disconnection from your higher nature. Imbalances can also result in feeling inferior/superior to others. We can experience a lack of purpose, a clouded view of life and a sense of exhaustion.

This Class

We will be using art and meditation to help us access the subconscious, to identify and release aspects blocking you from your true and unlimited higher nature. We will be awakening and balancing your crown chakra, helping you to connect to higher aspects of peace, inner wisdom, surrender and conscious connection to all that is.

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Comments from the last Healing Art Chakra Journey:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, always great people, I simply love it, so wonderfully transformative. Thank you Caroline it's soooo good :)” Laurence

“A fun filled evening and a safe space to share. Caroline brings lightness and joy into her workshops. Thank you :)” Anna

“I really enjoyed the physicality of the journey. Well lead by Caroline. Very welcoming group of people.” Maxine

“Quite possibly the best Meetup I have attended! There was tea, biscuits, beautiful people, wonderful guided meditation, drawing and art, releasing of blocks…loved every minute. Couldn't believe how quickly the time went.” Michelle

“Lots of laughter and releasing, art is such a wonderful way to tap into your inner core!!! and be gentle yet playful with.” Tereza

“Fantastic evening … art can do wonders!” Ravi

“It's soooo fun! We have lots of laughter!! And the healing is defo working so well for me!!” Yi