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• • 2PM Meet and greet • 2:30 to 4:30 Circle (We'd like to maintain this as a closed container. Please plan to arrive before 2:30 and stay for the duration.) • 4:30 to 5 Hang out space All are welcome. Requested agreements • We accept responsibility for our own experience and respect others right and responsibility to do the same • We agree to treat the space and all beings present with reverence • We agree to maintain the container of circle • The bearer of the talking object has our full attention • Listen from the heart with no agenda or story, without trying to fix, help, debate... • Speak from the heart with vulnerability, honesty, and purpose • Barring emergency, remain for the duration of circle

4065 Waters Rd

4065 Waters Rd · Ann Arbor Charter Township, Mi

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This meetup is intended as a social, discussion, and mentoring group for folks interested in accepting personal freedom and coming together with others, in love, as family, tribe, and community. The heart of this meetup will be periodic circle style discussion groups and mixers.

Autarchy is the freedom born of personal responsibility, self reliance, and reverence for other beings right and responsibility to do the same. This is equivalent to Ghandi's political philosophy, Swaraj.

Love is the practice of accepting the essence of the other in the world around us and all that it has to offer and teach. The practice of Love involves conscious presence, vulnerability, reverence, and intimacy. Vulnerability is the opening of the self to the other. Reverence is the acceptance of the other into the self. Intimacy is the sensual bridge that allows the self and the other to flow together.

Intentional Family is a group of beings who choose to partner in cocreation and supporting each others unique journey, bonded together by the intentional practice of love.

Relationship anarchy is a more commonly used term that means something very similar to many folks and there are some nuanced differences that are subtle yet incredibly powerful inherent in the words. Anarchy, according to its Greek roots, means “No Rule”. Autarchy means “Self Rule”. The utopian ideal of both schools of thought is very similar, the difference is in the here and now. Autarchy recognizes freedom as a personal choice that may be made right now and focuses on the strengthening of the individual and learning and mentoring in navigation according to personal discernment. Commonly, the focus of anarchy is fighting or working against hierarchical or ruling structures, seeing autonomy as restricted by outside forces.

We highly encourage the following related reading before you attend a gathering.

Related words and concepts: authenticity, self reliance, transparency, empowerment, sex positivity, clarity, impeccability, self expression, fun, pleasure, joy, family, tribe, community, mentoring, liberty, magick, self, other, consciousness, freedom, liberty, free love, security, quality, values, beauty, fluidity, partnership, intimacy, connection, security, belonging, independence, attachment, conscious presence, resonance, cocreation, learning, growth, wholeness, unschooling, circle, cocreation, play, reverence, vulnerability, harmony, polyamory, acceptance

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