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Are you curious about how to find deeper intimacy?
Love Chemistry is a monthly get-together where you can find out how to break bad relationship habits and connect to others more deeply.

When I was writing The Chemistry of Connection, I learned about the neuroscience of attraction and love -- and I found out that we're not born knowing how to love. We have to learn, and most of that learning takes place by the time we're three years old.

Sometimes, we don't learn to love in a healthy way, but because these love habits develop so early, they can be really hard to break, leading to a series of painful relationships or the inability to fall in love at all.

The good news is, we can form new habits and learn to connect with people who will cherish and care for us.

If you've found yourself looking for love in all the wrong places, if you feel like you're trapped behind a glass wall, if you don't fall in love with people who love you back, please join us for discussion and exercises that can put you on the road to true love.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy 8-week workshop

East Bay Healing Collective; Coming Home Room

Open Our Hearts at the Ecstatic Festival

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Women: Embodiment through Dance Series

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