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This is a group for people who want permission to explore their desires. We want to personally grow and learn from relating on a deeper level with each other. We want intimate connection, better sex, more truth and honesty in our relationships. We want to be challenged to go where it is sometimes uncomfortable, in order that we expand and grow. We want to play, feel alive, turned on, and in love with our lives.

Members of Love, Growth, and Desire in San Francisco are typically those who want to stretch more in their lives. We may love tradition, and we may also want to explore outside of our conditioned boundaries. We can be both single or partnered, from our 20s to 80s, with most of our ages being from the 30s to 50s. Our purpose is to support each other to create events or structures that will move us in the direction of our desires.

Skydiving, learning and performing strip or burlesque, leading a dynamic book study, telling the truth to someone you love, running a marathon, hosting a beach bonfire, having sensual play with more than one of these may be a hidden desire you have blocked because of fear, conditioning, or just not making the time. We will have events where there's safety to verbalize those desires, and then we'll support each other to create them. Whether in a Meetup, or in a personal situation, these experiences are meant to be richer, deeper, sexier, and more interesting than what you might typically be used to. We look forward to having your imagination, your play, your desires ignite this group, and to creating a supportive container for each other in having the lives that we love.

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