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Monthly Meetup - Group clearings, meditations and more

This Meetup is past

Every 4th Saturday of the month

Price: $40.00 /per person
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The monthly Meetup is designed to support people in their growth needs and challenges, no matter where they are. It provides consistency of guidance, support and clearing so that our transitions, changes and day-to-day life are smoother and happier.

Each Monthly Meetup is different as the agenda is set by the guides.

We typically talk about the theme given by the guides so that our conscious minds better understand it and it stirs up energies in us that need clearing.

We then do the energetic clearing for the group and if something comes up for individuals, that is often energetically cleared too.

If it is something that does not come up but you want it worked on, we have an etheric group basket and you can put it silently in there ... and it gets worked on too.

Depending on what our guides want, we often have a meditation and energy downloads too.

Time: 1 hour - but keep 1.5 hours in case we run over or just chat!

You can attend in person, via teleconference or etherically i.e. you get the energetic clearing wherever you are.

If the weather is bad, the Meetup is moved to a teleconference-only mode, if the electricity is still up! Otherwise, a note is sent later to reschedule.

If someone has paid but misses it, they are automatically included energetically. There are no refunds.

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