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Guided Meditation with Mahima

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Mahima Lucille Klinge (!about-us-love-silence-/c24j9)

Group meditation has benefits unique to any other kind of meditation. Meditating with others is like a flock of flying swans. They travel in a V-formation to decrease wind resistance from which the whole flock benefits.

When one swan is feeling low on energy, he is able to fly behind the others to regain his strength. As a group we are able to connect and feel compassion towards one another as we lift each other up. Meditating as a group means aconcentrated force of good intentions. Being near others with the same interests to destress, increase energy and become happier yields more for everyone.

At the same time we learn how to be among people, but stay within our own energies. This is an excellent way to learn to keep centered and focused without allowing external circumstances to throw us off our game.