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Have you ever been hard on yourself?

Have you ever called yourself names that you wouldn't dare say to a friend?

We all have... just some of us do it more than others, or had modeling where it was normal to behave in less than loving ways.

My name is Victoria Ross. I am a relationship specialist who has spent over twenty years assisting singles to find "the love of their life". While serving my clients; it has become blatantly clear that a large number of people are not used to loving themselves, their life, or the people in their life.

It's not because they don't want to, they just have not had the support or modeling that would cause them to easily treat themselves and others in a loving way on a regular basis.

The purpose of this Meetup is to provide fun and easy ways for anyone and everyone who is ready (you don't have to be single) to receive the love you deserve. Just so you know... everyone deserves love.

• Each person has 3 commitments.

• We are basically cheering each other on.

• You will receive positive feedback, kudos and prizes that sling-shot you toward your personal victories...

• You'll be having so much fun giving and receiving support, you won't even have time to berate or judge yourself.

• You will be so focused on your success and that of others in the group, that your intentions on success become your success stories.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about this is... because I was horrible at loving myself... and even though I have improved dramatically, I am always focusing on how I can be even more loving to myself and others. A major bonus that comes from loving ourselves is we find out that the more loving we are to ourselves, the more other people are loving to us.

Like many of us, I came from a highly dysfunctional family. My models thought the way to love themselves was to drink more wine, smoke another cigarette, or force someone to do a behavior against their will.

It took me many years...

• to lose forty pounds that weren't loving to my body,

• to not go into work when I was sick,

• to eat healthy vegetables everyday,

• to receive daily loving from the man of my dreams,

• to create boundaries with non-supportive people...

This group will give you an opportunity to love yourself... at your own pace... with continuous love and encouragement... without being made wrong. It will offer you the resources, structure and support to let go of self-judgment and negativity. It will open your eyes to how much fun it is to be loved by yourself and others. It will help you remember your needs... and still manage a busy workload or a hectic family life.

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