Monday Evenings - Love Thyself Formation

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Every week on Monday until December 3, 2019

Mission Valley

· San Diego, CA

How to find us

We will call / email location a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start time.

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Are you ready to create the life that you have always imagined?

Are you committed to launching a dream or a project?

Are you ready to spend your days doing what you love?

Are you clear that your greatest talents are under-utilized?

Are you tired of following rules that you don't agree with?

Are you tired of being told that what you desire is unrealistic?

Are you committed to speaking your truth?

Are you ready to be true to your heart?

This Meetup Exchange will be casual, yet it will be life changing if you choose this trajectory. We will set the stage for you to experience the greatest level of financial freedom, loving relationships and radiant health that you've ever known... The first rule of the game is that you are willing to offer that same support for others.

I will be your host. My name is Victoria Ross (Victorious). At the end of the exchange, I will clarify the rules and the format for the Love Thyself Game to whomever is interested in moving forward.

If you do decide to join the 12 week group, the sessions will be held at the same location, time and week day for three months. The formation of the Love Thyself Group will span three meetings. Interested attendees can attend one or all of the three meetings. (NOTE: We are allowing 30 RSVP's, yet only 15 will be accepted to participate in the Game.)

The formation meetings will take place on November 18th, November 25th and December 2nd at 6:30 pm. The Love Thyself Game will begin December 9th, 2019 and will run through February 24th, 2020 with the same members from beginning to end. Please include your phone number and email with your RSVP.

Due to the limited number of spaces that will be available, we will not be able to accept applicants who do not honor their RSVP's or who choose not to commit at the same level as others in the group. Each participant will be asked to attend 11 of the 12 meetings*. This will be discussed in more detail in each of the Formation meetings.

*We will be flexible with true emergencies.

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