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LOVE TO BIKE caters for off-road bikers who prefer longer, harder, faster rides. All Love To Bikes are set in the magnificent countryside to the south west and south east of London, and always start and finish at a train station. Love to Bikes range from 30 to 60 miles (50 to 100 kilometres) depending on the terrain, conditions and time of year. We ride at a sensible, continuous pace and lunch is usually at a pub. Estimated finish and train times are always given along with the options to finish a Love To Bike early should a Love To Biker tire. There is a Love To Bike most months and we ride all year round whatever the conditions and whatever the weather. The maximum group size for a Love To Bike is 10.



LOVE TO BIKE appeals to off-road bikers who are already ‘fit to bike’ rather than novices aspiring to bike to get fit. We attract a broad 50/50 mix of male/females living and working in and around London. Most Love To Bikes require a well-maintained mountain bike and all Love To Bikers must have the sufficient skills to ride on uneven terrain which at times can be wet and muddy. Love To Bikers must also have the skills and tools to change an inner tube unassisted should they puncture.



LOVE TO BIKE is run by Paul New. Paul has been riding both on-road and off-road long before it became fashionable. He has ridden in Argentina, Chile, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Portugal, Rwanda, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Uganda and USA. He has climbed ten of the largest Tour de France cols, conquered the Pyrennes, Picos de Europa and made it to the summit of Pico de Veleta (3,398m). He has also ridden the Box Hill zig-zag used in the London Olympics road race course over 1,000 times.


For summer 2020, Love To Bike with be 'Mountain Biking in Mongolia, the Land of Chinggis Khaan.' This is a 30-day once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable wilderness adventure where you also have the option of riding either the first section of the tour (18 days) or the section section of the tour (17 days).

Paul also runs LOVE TO HIKE - Longer, harder, Faster, Hikes: no other group hikes as far as often.

During the week, Paul is a freelance strategy consultant who works at board level with many well-known blue chips companies. Paul has an economics degree from Cambridge University. In his spare time, he is a ‘hunt the hills’ road cyclist, mountain biker, hiker and one of the regulars at his local gym.


Bike-Dreams organises adventurous and challenging bike expeditions for hardcore cyclists from all around the world. It's first tour was in 2006 when it organised 'Paris-Dakar by Bike', a 10 week expedition of 7.200 kilometers. Other expeditions have included The 100 Cols, The Lake Victoria Safari, Les Dix Alpes, La Bella Italia, The Andes Trail and The Great Divide. There are no easy days on a Bike-Dreams expedition. For further information, check out http://www.bike-dreams.com



If you are looking to improve your cycling capabilities and performance, check out www.njingacycling.com (http://www.njingacycling.com/.)


And as a member of LOVE TO BIKE, you can try two of Njinga's Wattbike training sessions for only £14 with the code 2£14LOVETO.


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Click to read our Disclaimer (https://www.meetup.com/Love-To-Bike/pages/Disclaimer/) and get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (https://www.meetup.com/Love-To-Bike/pages/Frequently_Asked_Questions/). Happy biking.


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Mountain Biking in Mongolia, the Land of Chinggis Khaan - 03/07/22 to 31/07/22

Join me in Mongolia in the summer of 2022 to go 'Mountain Biking in the Land of Chinggis Khaan.'

Love To Bike's once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable wilderness adventure comes in three flavours: full tour (30 days) or first section (18 days) or second section (17 days).

The full tour is 2,175 kilometres over 22 riding stages in central and southern Mongolia including the spectacular Khovsgul Lake (near to the Russian border), open green steppe land with herds of running horses and birds of prey soaring on the currents overhead, parts of the Silk Road, Karakorum (the capital of the Mongolian Empire founded by Chinggis Khaan in 1220), the best parts of the Gobi desert (famous for its sweeping singing sand dunes, mountains, dinosaur fossils and rare animals such as snow leopards, Bactrian camels, Argali and Ibex), regular encounters with local nomads and their families for whom visitors from lands afar remain an unusual and intriguing sight, the night train from Ulaanbaatar to Erdenet, 19 nights’ wild camping, six nights’ in a ger camp and three nights’ in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar. It starts in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, on Sunday July 3rd and finishes in Ulaanbaatar on Sunday July 31st.

The dates for the first section finishing in Karakorum with a transfer back to Ulaanbaatar are Sunday July 3rd to Tuesday July 19th. And the dates for the second section starting in Karakorum (with transfer from Ulaanbaatar) and finishing in Ulaanbaatar are Saturday July 16th to Sunday July 31st.

THIS TOUR IS A GUARANTEED DEPARTURE - subject to the relaxation of international travel restrictions.


The price for the full tour is a deposit of GBP 250 and a balance of USD 3,000. The price for either the first of second section is GBP 250 and a balance of USD 1,800.

By removing the third party between the tourist and local tour operator, the price for both the first and second section of the tour is at least USD 1,000 cheaper than what a western tour operator would charge on a like-for-like basis


There are five discounts available:

• Early bird discount of GBP 50 that reduces the non-refundable deposit from GBP 250 to GBP 200 for everyone paying the deposit on or before 31st December 2021.
• Non-rider discount of USD 800 for the full tour and USD 400 for either the first or second section of the tour.
• Hotel room share discount of USD 90 per person for anyone willing to share a twin or double ensuite room providing there is someone else who is also willing to share.
• Tent share discount of USD 20 per person for any couple willing to share a four-person tent.
• Own tent discount of USD 40 for anyone who brings their own tent.


To find out more, please email [masked] and I will send you the detailed tour notes. Alternatively, click on this link -


Mongolia is famous for its vast rugged expanses, spectacular landscapes and nomadic culture. Mongolian is also known as the ‘land of blue skies.’

In terms of land mass, Mongolia is the world’s 19th largest country and 6½ times larger than the UK and a fifth the size of Australia. It lies at the heart of central Asia and is sandwiched between Russia and China.

Mongolia has a population of only 3.3m and is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries. Around half the population live in Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar (meaning ‘red hero.’)

Mongolia’s most famous son is Temüjin, more commonly known as Chinggis or Genghis Khaan. Born in 1162, Chinggis Khaan rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history. After uniting the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau, between 1206 and his death in 1227, he conquered vast tracts of central Asia and China totalling nearly 12m square miles (31m square kilometres), an area roughly the size of Africa. Along the way, he cut a ruthless path that left millions dead.

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