What we're about

What if artists/technologists/activists from around the world joined together to build an alternative network that would provide a counter-balance to the mainstream media?

What if we created a co-op of alternative media channels that provided a diversity of opinions that artfully and thoughtfully confronted the status quo?

What if we exposed the lies that enable corporate conglomerates to continue trashing our planet with impunity and gave credit to corporations that are making "Cradle to Grave" sustainability assessments a priority?

What if we were a persistent voice that exposed the pervasive inequality that threatens all humanity?

What if our efforts facilitated communication between all the stakeholders: the people, corporations, goverments, and academia?

What if we could raise awareness and promote the idea that all of us must pitch in and begin to navigate a new path far away from mindless/rampant consumerism?

Would you want to participate?

We plan to launch a "Love is the Cure" crowd-source project in 3-4 months. Presently, we are seeking artists, technologists, social media gurus, activist, humanist, and core-admins to make this vision a reality.

Of course, we will be using technology to collaborate and refine our ideas. Virtual meetings via this site and various Google tools will enable us to collaborate and stay in sync. Subgroups will be formed to accomplish specific missions.

It should be noted, that we do have access to a state- of- the- art theater that is adjacent to the Camden Aquarium. Technologists and artists are encouraged to put on shows and presentations here. (Keep in mind that these presentations can be for profit. Only a portion must go to the foundation.)


Digital Literacy:

“Our children, youth and adults will develop the skills and the knowledge that will lead them to become personally successful, economically productive and actively engaged citizens. They will become the motivated innovators, community builders, creative talent, skilled workers, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.”~Doug Belshaw~

https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/7/4/5/a/event_441209786.jpeg https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/7/4/6/5/event_441209797.jpeg https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/7/4/7/3/event_441209811.jpeg

Please copy/paste and respond to this survey:

1. Primary reason for joining LIC?
2. How do you think that organizations like LIC can make a difference?
3. How would YOU like to make a difference?
4. Your primary skillsets relevant to our mission?
5. Would you participate in virtual training work- shops?
6. Would you participate in classroom-based work-shops?
7. What courses would you like to take to improve your digital literacy?
8. Would you be interested in obtaining certification in specific areas?
9. Would you participate and even pay a modest fee for digital literacy instruction?

LIC admins are developing an educational platform that will teach members critical
digital skills:

digital publishing, social media management/marketing, graphic arts, digital audio workstation engineering, film production, photography, digital media curation etc.

Equally important-- our stores and on-line training program will enable some of you to create an additional revenue stream.

Who is needed:

e-teachers, artist mentors, social media managers and marketers, technologists, activist mentors, web casters,film makers,photographers,musicians, podcasters, vloggers/bloggers, green on-line vendors.

Help build the vision.
Write us here:

Loveisthecurefounders @gmail.com

“Art is our one true global language. It knows no nation, it favors no race, it acknowledges no class. It speaks to our need to reveal, heal, and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible.” ~Richard Kamler~

"Scientists today believe that such critical information must be disseminated and quickly acted upon to avoid catastrophe," Ehrlich writes. "But that is not happening, as indicated by the 'much talk, little action' status of climate change. The central need is clearly not for more natural science research (although in many areas it would be very helpful). Rather, the social sciences and humanities need to be reorganized and refocused -- 'rebooted' -- to provide better understanding of human behaviors and how they can be altered." ~MacArthur Genius Paul Ehrlich~

" Access should include ownership, not merely an occasional program or appearance. We have to start from the bottom. Grassroots organizations have to become more media-oriented and more concerned to reach out to similar groups and beyond."..."Control over definitions of reality, the agendas that people are allowed to think about, the ability to reiterate messages and manipulate symbols are basic ingredients of power." The Political Economy of the Mass Media~Edward S. Herman~

"There is massive propaganda for everyone to consume. Consumption is good for profits and consumption is good for the political establishment." ~Noam Chomsky~

Punk rocker/spoken word poet/politician Jello Biafra once said, “Don’t hate the media, become the media”. The digital revolution has given all of us the tools to have a voice. Whereas just a couple of decades ago, flows of information were centralised and dominated by big media and government, in this digital age, anyone can be a storyteller. And that’s important, because storytelling is powerful. With stories we discover and gain strength from others like us, we develop empathy and build communities. Stories create the underlying narratives that give our lives meaning and purpose – change the stories and you can change the world.[http://www.virgin.com/unite/leadership-and-... (http://www.virgin.com/unite/leadership-and-advocacy/six-tips-on-storytelling-for-change)]

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

"... as much as the Internet allows silenced groups to speak, it allows other unpopular groups to be given equal exposure as well. In an increasingly liberal society, in which a woman can run for president and homosexual couples are getting married in more and more states, the Internet -- that liminal space unregulated and uncolonized by the Powers that be -- gives racists and misogynists a space to crawl into and voice their unpopular opinions. The question remains, then, if these voices are a small part of the marginalized groups that Pynchon talked about, just mixed in with all the rest, and don't reflect the actual attitudes of the population at large. If this is the case, then we can allow them to go on propagating their ridiculous beliefs in a place where they do as little damage as possible. If anything, it's a good thing -- an indicator of our health as a progressive society. We as a society are pushing back against extremists and racists into places where they can't be seen in the light of day. But if this isn't the case, then the alternative is something much more frightening: that those in power -- those who have claimed "truth" -- have found a way into the equalizing space of the Internet and have begun colonizing and pushing the natives out. History repeats itself, but on a different stage."~Dan Truong~



Our proposal:

Identify member’s various skill sets via this short survey.

We form virtual learning pods that will teach participants the essentials of social media and digital content creation.

Of course…classes can be taken at your convenience.

HSM members will form creative pods to complete specific task.

We will set up corporate accounts on the leading professional platforms. We encourage those that wish to pursue Adobe, Protools, Avid certifications to join this project.

What’s in it for you?

You will learn film editing, audio production, digital publishing, web development, social media management skills. The idea is to become proficient to the extent that you can become a paid member of our production staff.

Proficient digital publishers and media experts typically make $25-$60+/hr.

This is usually done from the comfort of their home.

You will be required to pay a modest monthly fee ($20-$30/month). This fee will pay for the studio fees and the real world experience creating digital content. You will learn webcasting, podcasting, film/audio editing, music production from seasoned pros both online and in brick and mortar production facilities.

It’s no secret that we all grow faster and develop a more expansive worldview when we collaborate.

If you agree..please fill out this short survey and send it to:


HSM Survey:

What is your main interest in joining LIC?

What digital skill sets do you possess?

Are you interested in developing your digital publishing/marketing skills on an ongoing basis?

How much time can you devote per week to improving your digital literacy?

What level of proficiency do you desire to achieve? …novice or pro?

Do you think that collaboration is important in terms of your personal/professional growth?

Would you pay a modest monthly fee to dramatically improve your skill sets?

The Pyramid we propose to build:

HyperSpace Media Co-op

"Mentored collaboration=optimal creativity"

HyperSpaceMedia_Co-op_ platform: a creative community that enables constructive collaboration, real growth and sophisticated learning at warp speed.

HyperSpace: [ Generally speaking, the idea of hyperspace relies on the existence of a separate and adjacent dimension. When activated, the hyper drive shunts the starship into this other dimension, where it can cover vast distances in an amount of time greatly reduced from the time it would take in "normal" space.. Once it reaches the point in hyperspace that corresponds to its destination in real space, it re-emerges.]

The decline of the record industry has left many artists no choice but to find their own way. However, there are far too many moving parts in the music business for one group or an individual to manage.

A quick perusal of “Big tent sites” like MySpace, Reverb Nation, Taxi, Absolute Art, or any of the other talent aggregator mega-sites will quickly convince you that most emerging artists are simply stagnating in vast communities. The size of the community gives the artists a false sense of accomplishment.

HyperSpace mentors will virtually hold the artist’s/technologist’s hand. A custom development path will be suggested once the artists/technologists has provided information as to their goals and background.

Sponsors, seasoned specialists and promoters will work together as a community under one” Big Cohesive tent”. Instructors will teach via “career-path” development modules and be available for private consultation.

Groups will work together in our virtual studio/lab modules that we refer to as “Dream Pods”.

Today the Internet gives us access to vast amounts of information; but it does not change a fundamental truth. Humans require personal supervision and sustained encouragement for optimal development.


Basic membership will be free. Premium subscription membership will give members access to sophisticated training courses. Affiliate marketing via YouTube and adsense- style links will provide substantial revenue .

Virtual concerts and tech expos will provide emerging artists and developers an opportunity to acquire ongoing crowd- funding and sponsors. Funding of a project will not be necessarily time-limited.

Projected outcome:

Artists/technologists will work with supportive experts at a reasonable rate; create projects with higher production value, and expedite the creative maturation process.

Encourage the intensive use and development of open source creative tools. We see this process maturing much in the same way as Wikipedia has evolved.

HyperSpace Media Project:

An Arts/News/technology channel that will focus on news stories that speak to the needs of the disenfranchised and dismissed. Not a free-for- all rant channel; but a disciplined news outlet with close ties to universities and “home-grown” journalist from around the world.

News will be presented in the manner that the modern consumer wants it: concise media-rich slice-of-life story-telling.

The network will have 2 tiers: homegrown/street journalist and a professional channel that adheres to accepted journalistic standards. This channel will be virtually administered by seasoned pros and university students. It will cover stories ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous and not be overly earnest in its editorial style. Humor and satire will be encouraged.


Go here:

http://www.somamagazine.com/the-marriage-of... (http://www.somamagazine.com/the-marriage-of-art-activism/)

How does your concept of Creative Activism differ from other means of socio-political activism?
"A lot of people argue that they aren’t involved in politics because it’s boring, and in some cases, I can relate. Truth and knowledge are the catalysts to forward progress, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t deliver them in an entertaining and engaging way.

This also touches upon the fact that people from my generation need to be the messengers. I love Noam Chomsky, but it leaves more of an impression if the person up there can relate to you on more than a basic human level. I’m your age; my future is this economy, this broken system. I can’t find work either, I have college debt, I wasn’t a part of the golden era, etc.

Activism needs to mesh with popular culture. No significant socio-political change has ever occurred without the engagement of popular culture. We need to be engaged, and creative activism is a way to bring politics and popular culture together."

~Eleanor Goldfield~

What YOU can do:

We need our members to step up and contribute to our launch effort {{{NOW}}}.

Contributions do not require a huge commitment. Works simply must reflect our vision through the prism of your singular talents.

Write us here: loveisthecurefounders@gmail.com



Why we must build HyperSpace Media Channel/"21st century story telling"

Go here to see videos reflective of our vision/mission :







[2014 "Noam Chomsky": Why you can not have a Capitalist Democracy!]


Welcome Cure activist...

As we have mentioned in earlier post...we plan to migrate some of our efforts to a platform like this: http://www.wildaprico... (http://www.wildapricot.com/

This will enable us to get to know each other's interest/skill-sets and form sub-groups that can begin to develop and communicate our brand message.

Meanwhile-- we encourage all members to submit a short summary (https://www.meetup.com/Love-is-the-Cure-Arts-Foundation/messages/boards/thread/48804112#) and samples of your best work. Please do include the best way to reach you.

Submit here: loveisthecurefounders@gmail.com.

What is needed in our launch-phase:

1. Artistic presentations (https://www.meetup.com/Love-is-the-Cure-Arts-Foundation/messages/boards/thread/48804112#) that convey the vision of "Love is the Cure". Submit mp3 files,video (https://www.meetup.com/Love-is-the-Cure-Arts-Foundation/messages/boards/thread/48804112#) clips, stills of your work,links to your blogs, Skype introductions,etc.

2. Technologists--Please suggest the best ways to archive and curate compelling media content.

3. Social media experts-- help us reach out to potential sponsors and members.

4. Bloggers/Vloggers we are creating a series of explainer-videos and need a production team to create and curate articles/videos.

5. Musicians/visual artists/dancers/poets/choreographers--he­lp us create live content at the Susquehanna Center theater.

6. Let's not keep our mission a secret. Affiliating with sponsors and established nonprofits can jump-start our cause.

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