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Bring Love to Earth and Humanity through self-healing, self-advancement and to awaken our Divine Presence.

Let us join heart to heart, soul to soul, manifest Heaven on Earth, Love on Earth, Peace in Heart, Peace on Earth............ We ask for Peace, Purity, Prosperity, Integrity, Inner Joy, Inner Peace, Fun, Laugh, Joy......

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Soulful Meditation & Manifestation

Spoil Me Spa Salon

This is Soulful Meditation and Manifesting evening. Soul is the boss, our Soul has great wisdom, allow our Soul to guide our life to fulfill our purpose on Earth. Experience a Soul over Matter evening with drum, singing bowls, crystal harp and chants to manifest a happier, healthier life, has great abundance and prosperity, pass your potential. You may want to bring meditation cushion, water and an open heart and soul. Event Fee: $20 Reserve your spot and use this link to purchase tickets : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soulful-meditation-manifestation-tickets-53635527306

Love Peace Harmony World Family Chanting Group

Master Sha Tao Healing Center

We invite you to join the Weekly Love Peace Harmony Chanting Group. We look forward to sharing this time with you, as we sing, dance and meditate for World Peace. The Divine Soul Song Love Peace Harmony carries divine frequency and vibration of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Divine Love melts all blockages. Divine Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Divine Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. Divine Light heals, prevents illness, prolongs life, and transforms all life, including business, finances and relationships. We invite you to join tens of thousands who are chanting Love Peace Harmony for 15 minutes daily, to help transform the consciousness of Mother Earth, Humanity, and all souls. Love Offering Registration (https://www.drsha.com/events/love-peace-harmony-world-family-meeting-tuesdays-weekly-san-francisco-ca-2017-07-04/) : In Person / via Webcast / via Teleconference ( https://www.drsha.com/events/love-peace-harmony-world-family-meeting-tuesdays-weekly-san-francisco-ca-2017-07-04/ ) Please click this link to know more about LovePeaceHarmony Movement and events over the world : LovePeaceHarmony Movement (https://lovepeaceharmony.org/events/) ( https://lovepeaceharmony.org/events/ ) For other worldwide events of a mission of bringing love to ourselves, our children, loved ones and all other including humanity, animals and nature.... Please click this link: Events Calendar (https://www.drsha.com/calendar/) ( https://www.drsha.com/calendar/ )

Free Tao Healing Miracle Evening, San Francisco, CA

Master Sha Tao Healing Center

Are you looking for a different path to healing? Do you experience ongoing pain or other chronic conditions? Are you open to creating a miracle Tao Healing in your life? Join us to experience the power of Tao Healing! I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together, we have the power to heal the world” ~ Master Zhi Gang Sha Divine Healing Hands are the Divine’s hands offering divine frequency and vibration to heal bless and transform your heart and soul, mind and body. – Transform physical pain: back ache, knee pain, neck pain and more – Transform emotional pain: anger, depression, worry, grief, fear, and more – Transform life conditions: stress, relationship issues – Heal your soul, heart, mind and body Experience the power of Divine Healing Hands to heal, prevent illness, rejuvenate, prolong life, and transform all aspects of life including business, finances, and relationships. Register Now (http://storefront.drsha.com/divine-healing-hands-free-soul-healing-evening-san-francisco-ca-wednesdays.html) : In Person / via Webcast Enquiry:[masked]

Sunday, Feb 24th - Constellation Session Los Gatos

Design Your Wellness Now Studio

Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you looking for loving relationships and think you have no luck in love? Are you having problems with your partner? Do you have financial problems despite working and trying hard to solve them? Do you have difficult relationships with your children? Do your children have difficulties in their lives? Do you have complicated illnesses or have had serious or repeated accidents in your life? Are you trapped in a pattern that you are not able to break? Do you feel you are following a life that is not yours? When we have tried to change something and haven’t been successful, it is often because we are carrying it for someone from our Family System. It is impossible to understand and heal this unless we are able to “see the entanglements” in our Family System. We are able to do this through the Family Constellation. Doing a Family Constellation can help you in many ways! For example, it can help you with: * Your personal relationships * Your professional life * Your health * To take an important decision * To understand a specific situation * To be successful and have abundance Come and join us at the meeting of the New Family Constellations! You don’t need prior experience with Family Constellations to join. In this meeting, we will first have a small introduction and then we will do two or three constellations. If we have time, we will do an exercise where everyone will be able to participate, learn and benefit. If this is your first Family Constellation Session with me, please watch this introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwrXXK0hW7A It is not necessary for your family to be present to do a Family Constellation. The other participants will represent the members of your family needed to do a constellation. The less they know about your family, the better. * Please come early so that we can and take advantage of the time we have together. * Price: $10 contribution per participant - Anybody interested in doing a Family Constellations, please contact me for details. * Privacy and trust among the group members are fundamental for Constellations. For that reason, by agreeing to participate you commit to keeping all information disclosed during the sessions as confidential. * Constellations can have a positive impact on your well-being. However, you should never stop taking medication, therapy or treatment without the approval of your doctor or therapist. By participating, you confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or medical condition, disorder or injury that could make it inadvisable for you to participate in the session. I look forward to seeing you. Liza Miron [masked] www.coachingandconstellations.com

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