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After many experiences, I realized GD is LOVE and LOVE is GD. (The good Samaritan parable).
Unfortunately this is only a rational conclusion and I belong to that vast majority of Christians, who with their purchase acts, promote child labor and slavery of those who work for the good I consume. It is not my interest to condemn those men who, like me, does not feel anything for the neighbor that is hurt.

This group will seek to fully comply with the new commandment that Jesus left us and for which the whole law is fulfilled. This group will seek to LOVE as HE LOVES us first

This group will seek to restore the heart’s main function, so it can go back to the true life and thus experience its LOVE.

I have sought to feel that intense LOVE for myself, but I have failed. That is why now I am writing to you to make an effort together. I would love to tell you that in this group you will experience the GD’s LOVE, but indeed I cannot promise you what is not mine. As a fallible human being I have great joy and faith that GD will favor us and we can give full compliance to his commandment. Although as a fallible human, I cannot guarantee what only belongs to GD. I feel it necessary that we try, at least once, to fulfill with all our heart His commandment. The only thing I know for sure is that if we continue to believe as we have done, we are guaranteed tremendous material and spiritual poverty.

I will not speak for HIM, because I cannot treat an almighty GD as if HE were deaf and needs my voice. If you feel there is something TRUTH in these words, then I ask you to talk to the FATHER and ask him if you are ready to participate. For my part, you will find a man who has the desire to do the FATHER's Will and want to share with you that path that I do not know well so far.

This group does not seek to change behavior, but first the heart, knowing that the behavior is a true reflection of what happens in the heart. Even in those days when I do not harm anyone and I look like a saint, my heart still does not feel anything for the neighbor that I usually hurt. In that indifference is indeed our sin and the behavior is only a reflection of that sin. This pretend to be the revolution of the human heart, the revolution that Christ wanted when he was with us but religious men of his time fail to accept and ended up condemning Jesus to death.

This group does not seek to give alms to the dispossessed, but at least bring justice to the victims of our acts. But not that justice that condemns, tears and kills, but the one that restore the dignity of both, the producer and the buyer.

This group is for all those who ever loved and all those who, without knowing that LOVE, want to know it.
This group is not only for Christians. Your participation as a Jew, a Muslim or an atheist is highly treasured, because LIFE always rests on diversity. Even more appreciated is the participation as yourself, beyond the religion you represent.

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