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The LoveLeadConnect Meetup Group, led by Marilyn Sutherland, offers an opportunity for you to learn more about real-life relationship skills you probably never learned. If you are serious about having exquisite personal relationships and effective, collaborative and supportive business relationships, then this is for you.

We have automatic survival habits that sabotage us in how we relate with others. To have better relationships we have to stop the old habits, learn new healthy habits and practice those habits.

Join us for some lively discussions and new ideas on how to transform, heal and awaken new connections with the people in your life now and in the future and ... with yourself.


• How to ask for what you need and want

• Self-esteem and Self-confidence

• Creating intimacy

• How to love full out without losing yourself

• How to be present with your partner when you are together

• What no one is saying about Boundaries

• Commitment and why it can be easy

• Attracting great partners

• What do you REALLY want?

• Reality vs Fantasy

• Love IS saying “I’m sorry”

• When what you say is poisoning your relationships and what to avoid

• Secrets to creating trust in relationships

Our meetup is free to participants!

I am a coach, consultant, trainer, author, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. I create a healthy, safe and loving space so clients break through their barriers and are free to create extraordinary relationships in love, work, and life. I have led to thousands of clients in business and personal transformation via seminars, training programs, consulting and coaching sessions. As a relationship coach, my training includes Presence-Based Leadership Coaching combined with psychology, change management, communication skills, spiritual development, and transformational coaching.

Best way to reach me is Text me at 214-797-9916 or Email me at h (https://YourJourneyToLastingLove.com/contact/)ttps://LoveLeadConnect.com/Contact/

From Marilyn Sutherland:

• “When you remove the blocks to letting love in and loving others wholeheartedly, you’ll discover that love is who you really are."

• "When you Lead from Love (whether you're the official leader or not), people will know, like and trust you, and that's when the magic happens."

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