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Spiritual Heart Circle ~ In Person or Join via Phone/Computer!
Looking for spiritual fellowship away from a church setting? Then this is the Circle for you! Join us as we discuss the various elements of spirituality and metaphysics and support each other as we learn how to move through our lives living from our hearts with compassion, love, and forgiveness rather than the old wired responses of fight, flight, and fear. This is a physical circle but if the road is bad or if. you want to join from further away (from anywhere in the world), it is possible to attend virtually! The more the merrier! If you are interested in attending by computer or phone please contact me for the login/call-in details. You may SMS text or call[masked] or email [masked] with questions or for more information. No fee or donation required; gratitudes are accepted to help defray costs. :) 

Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay Gathering House

13725 Beach Drive, Lowell Point · Seward, AK

What we're about

We are an innovative gathering of collective voices progressing the World paradigm with love.

We are voices of love, of oneness, of peace and harmony. We honor ourselves, each other, and all that is, as connected beings. We move beyond the confines of appearances to embrace the expansiveness of truth. We use WE LOVE US ( as our framework for creating a world and Universe that works for everyone and everything, now!

Looking for likeminded people to come together for discussion and support. We have a beautiful space to gather about 20 people together ~ let's get together to support our interests in compassion, mindfulness, love and peace.

We are using the 8 Intentions of WE LOVE US ( as our framework for creating a new world that will work for everyone and everything.

WE LOVE US ~ 8 Intentions That Make the World Work

W eave a fabric of unity & peace, at Home and Everywhere

E mbrace Earth as irreplacable & all life with respect

L ove and forgive everyone, unconditionally

O pen, honest, truthful, transparent always

V olunteer and serve others daily

E veryone gets a voice and vote

U nite the divided with Infinite Love

S olve our problems together in Harmony

We discuss all matter of things from self-improvement (loving ourselves is where we must start to create love in the world) to daily challenges to the challenges of the world. Each circle usually has a lesson, prepared by LAMP. There may also be guest speakers.

Come join us for some interesting conversation and refreshing friendship <3

Attendees from out of town are encouraged to make a day trip; or overnight lodging is available on site and nearby; make a weekend of it!

If you are interested in starting your own Love By LIGHT Circle, we can help!

General schedule is 11:00 ~ 11:30 social time/support for the week's challenges, 11:30 ~ 1:00 Lesson & Discussion 1:00 ~ ? Post discussion/support

Children are welcome.

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