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I started this group to connect with other women who are interested in incorporating walking in their lifestyle and for those who want to advance their walking adventures. All skill levels are welcome! We will meet at least once a month in and around the central part of San Antonio. Walks will take place outdoors during the months of October through May or June and then indoors for the summer and early fall or when the weather requires it. After our walking events, we can have a potluck picnic, or hang out at a restaurant nearby.

Having a planned walking event like a 1 mile or a 5k is a good motivator to keep walking. And why not make some friends along the way?

The events will be located throughout San Antonio with most of them taking place in central San Antonio. After each event there will be a social time of either a potluck picnic, eating at a nearby restaurant, or just hanging out at the park for a little while to chat.

This is an adult, women-member only group for ages 20 and older.

Events will be at least once a month.

This group has a few guidelines and requirements –

Please treat each member with respect and kindness. Please no foul language of any kind. Lift others up, don’t tear others down.

Every walking event will start exactly on time. Head counts will be done at each event, so please cancel any RSVP's as soon as possible so the organizer is aware of who is participating.(See cancellation policy below) This is for your safety.

Each participant is responsible for their own health and safety during the event as well as their own nutrition requirements during the event.

A small once-a-year fee of $5 (.42¢ a month) is required of each member to cover fees that Meetup charges to use their site. The bigger the group, the more Meetup charges. The fee can be paid directly to the organizer or through WePay (WePay charges .88¢ for each $5 membership).

When space allows, each member can bring 1 female guest. Each female guest is limited to 2 events which will allow her to get to know us. After that, she will need to decide if this group is a good fit for her and must join.

No shows are not a part of friendship and respect, and cannot be allowed.

Why we have a cancellation policy: We require that every member be courteous, reliable, and respectful of the time and effort of the hosts. The host travels to the event expecting you to show up and she considers you important and is looking forward to meeting you and having fun.

Cancellation Policy: When your schedule changes you are expected to update your RSVP as soon as possible in order to make room for others. No-shows are not acceptable and cancelling less than 24 hours in advance without any explanation will be considered the same as a no-show in our attendance records. We understand that there are exceptions to this. Emergencies happen and that will always be taken into consideration.

•1st Last-Minute cancellation/no show: No problem, things come up, it happens.

•2nd Last-Minute cancellation/no show: We will check-in with you via email and remind you of our Last-Minute Cancellation Policy. We will also ask that you wait to sign up for an activity that you want to attend until the day of that activity when you know with more certainty that you can attend.

3rd Last-Minute cancellation/No show within 6 month's time frame -You will be removed from the group for a period of 30 days. After that you can apply for acceptance again.

If there are no RSVP's 24 hours before an event, that event will be cancelled.

Your request to join this group is your agreement with all conditions of this group.

Changes and updates to conditions will be updated as needed.

Let's walk together and have some fun!

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