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Feel disconnected from Spirit? Burdened and weighed down by matter? Is your yoga dry and rote? Doing the same old 'exercise' and going nowhere in your practice?

Are you flexing your 'spiritual' muscles during yoga and does your practice stretch you to glimpse your Sacred Nature? Is your class focused on the experience of divinity of Self, Others, and Source ~ or are you just doing the same old Downward Facing Dog year after year?!

Is your yoga teacher an adept guide into Spirit or is she all about the poses? Does he have the capacity and the understanding to lead you into the deeper practices of yoga?

If yoga has become another type of exercise that is losing its appeal, join us.

Your improved figure, your reduced loads of stress, your strengthened cardio-immuno-digestive-nervous-glandular, musculo-skeletal systems, your glowing skin, improved mental capacity, enhanced mind, mood and sleep - all of the multitudinous benefits of yoga are always yours for the taking. But most important are the Spiritual Benefits of yoga.

After all, we are Spirit, not matter!

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Ritual, Reflection & Renewal: A New Year's Day Goddess Gathering

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