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If you want to learn Chinese from the beginning, advance your Chinese skills in a class which systematically teaches Mandarin or in a meetup which allows you to freely socialize with native speakers, come join us!

In our classes or meetings, we hope you will be able to:

- Learn how to approach the Mandarin Chinese from the very beginning and systematically advance your Chinese skills through our Chinese classes for all different levels.

- Know more about China through various events and meetups. We are here to listen to your Mandarin and help with your pronunciations. Also, please do us a favor to help with our English speaking.

- Mingle with people from different cultural background through periodical culture exchange meetups.

Please note: The members of Mandarin classes will be limited at 10 people as we don't want to miss your pronunciation mistakes and any questions during the classes.

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Chinese Book Club: Korean drama - It's Okay to Not be Okay

It’s a South Korean romantic series, also translated as “Psycho But It’s Okay.” Like what you see from the title, it’s a romance between some psychologically and emotionally wounded people. We'll read a fairy tale that appears on the series, of course in Chinese with English translations :) Don't worry about your Chinese level. As long as you can read PinYin, we are all here you help you with reading and translation! Checking out the article before you join with help tremendously though. http://lovinchinese.net/chinese-study/its-okay-to-not-be-okay

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Chinese Book Club - Movie Review: Better Days

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