What we're about

We aim to make it possible for anyone to build applications on the web and to access and use data which would normally require advanced programming skills. The workshop will include how to access and use commodified artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, open data, data transformation, data science, api, social media systems and interface design.

The workshops aim to go from idea to working tech product prototype in a single session. If you have an idea for an application which you’d like to try out, whether you can code or not, you are more than welcome.

We aim for a mix of innovators, product managers, engineers, data scientists and professionals.

The workshops will combine a rapid design thinking based idea generating process with a secure Node Red based visual programming platform.

Engineers may find the workshops of interest as the way the platform is set up means you don’t have to do all the boring web stack setup.

Non-engineers may find the workshops interesting as we aim to have you building a useful prototype web application by the end of the session.

Hope to see you soon!

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Innovator Beta Bootcamp Workshop

Eagle Labs Incubator, Barclays Bank, Cambridge, CB4 3AZ

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