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They say the best ideas are sometimes those that are least thought out and done on a whim -- if true, then this should go swimmingly. Hopeful to put together a group of fun 30 and 40 somethings that live in the lower Fairfield County area for everything from group fitness classes to bar meet-ups to bowling adventures to day tips for great hikes, etc. Mountain biking, kayaking, trivia night, darts, pool, tennis. I guess i am sick of only meeting the parents of my kids' friends for the most part. If you are active and fit and laid back and friendly and non judgmental and know how to tell a good joke (or can at least laugh your head off when you hear one), we should hang out. If you are mean or uptight or cliquey/clingy, or are reading this with a frown on your face, this probably isn't the group for you.

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