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We are accidental enthusiasts of two-(and three)-wheeled motorized conveyances. We prefer a more staid enjoyment of our vehicles, when compared with our crotch rocket and Harley-Davidson brothers. Our love of motorcycles does not define us, but it is a passion. We are regular folk, who just happen to love to ride. The world has room for all types of motorcyclists, the purpose of this group is to give the under-represented "accidental" motorcyclists a group for rides, advice, etc. If you're looking for a mellow group to ride with, free of egos, free of deafening pipes, join us. We are ride agnostic and open to motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motorized bicycles, or any other 2 or 3 wheeled conveyance capable of going 45 mph. Despite what our name suggests, we encourage female membership as well as male. We will do a good many coastal rides, inner city rides, and the occasional easy canyon ride.

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