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Problem solving, dreams and creativity workshop: Accessing extraordinary ideas

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Dreams and creativity workshop is about Accessing Source Creativity. It is a method of allowing new extraordinary connections to emerge in various altered states of consciousness. Most people don’t know how to use their most valuable resource they have – their mind – in order to be more creative.

I have been fascinated by the notion of creativity all my life. As a psychologist, I have extensively researched psychosis and wondered why there was such a close link between madness and creativity. The answer lies in the REM state which is, by some, labelled as the reality generator.
Through my own experiential work and research I have been mesmerised by sleep and creativity,especially by sustaining my conscious awareness while dreaming, allowing me to interact with the dream from within.

I believe that Source Creativity, is the future of human creativity in any areas of science, technology or design which ache for extraordinary ideas and innovations.

Now, I’d love to share those ideas with you and together withJuliette Janclaude, ( who is an amazing creativity coach, dancer, painter and a healer, we’ll guide you through a process of accessing some levels of Source creativity. In addition I will give you the tools to go all the way inside in your dreams, while maintaining full consciousness so you can access source creativity while consciously interacting with your dream.

In this workshop, you will receive cutting edge research evaluation on creativity and dreams, you will get new tools to access source creativity, get inspired, and your creativity will start flowing more effortlessly once you understand the mechanics of your consciousness in the light of creativity. You'll walk home with a new appreciation for your own consciousness and the genius residing within.

You can find out more about Source Creativity here (

Plan for this workshop:

Talk on Source Creativity and its implications Guided meditation and visualisation for problem solving Using art to access Source Creativity Techniques to access Source Creativity in your lucid dreams

All material will be provided. This will be fun, guys! Hope to see you there ;)