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Our Lucumi-Ifa-Orisha Worship Group is dedicated to expanding knowledge, connection and interest in the Afro-Cuban Lucumi religion, also known as Santeria, derived from traditional African-Yoruba belief system brought to this world by our African ancestors. In the Yoruba language, Lucumi means "friends" and applies to the descendants of the Yorùbá slaves in Cuba, their music and dance, and the Cubanized dialect of the Yorùbá language. Our Group focuses on the worship of our creator, Olodumare, the Orishas, and honoring our Eggun (blood ancestors and ancestors of religious lineage).

By choosing to lead our lives in this tradition, we must also accept the call to educate ourselves about our rich and complex culture. Our intention is to provide guided discussions about Orisha culture and our ancestors. Throughout history, our culture has relied upon our elders to pass down our beliefs and traditions. We believe that despite the nuances and advances of technology, this is still the most respectful and reverent way to educate our community.

Our mission is to provide fellowship, education, connection, spiritual guidance in-tuned with the Orisha, to make information available to those who seek to learn more about the Lucumi / Yoruba faith and to preserve the culture of our people. The Lucumi-Ifa-Orisha Worship Group aids in the preservation of our oral tradition. Please extend this invitation to your elders, godchildren,family, friends and anyone you know who would like to learn more about our religious culture.

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