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How Do We Serve Others When We Struggle to Serve Ourselves? - Lisbeth Fregonese

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I know so many people who genuinely struggle with keeping up and especially doing it with a smile on their face. It seems that it is becoming harder and harder to live up to everyone's expectations and then find time for oneself.

There is this yearning to want to help others, to want to serve others whether it is through a job or recreational. The problem is that whether it is financial, time, relationships, career, sickness, something is standing in the way between what we want and what we actually end up doing.

Come out and join Lisbeth Fregonese as she helps you simplify your life through cutting to the core. There are so many excuses, justifications, and practicalities that stand in our way to do and BE what we want.

This is not an easy process but definitely possible to help those that truly want to make this world a better place for others as well as for themselves.

Lisbeth Fregonese is an incredibly talented Intuitive Energy Worker that sees Energies and Auras with ease. Lisbeth also works endlessly with Spirit to communicate what your Higher Consciousness is wanting you to know for yourself so that you cann connect to your own fulfillment and answers to life.