Aura/Chakra Readings - What Messages Does Your Energy Body Want To Tell You



Yes you are seeing double. I have had to create a 2nd workshop for the Aura/Chakra Readings because our first event being held on November 19th is already SOLD OUT. Again, this event will sell out so we ask everyone to please honour your RSVP's.

Our Energy Body is where our truth lives. When we take away our thoughts and emotions, we are left with our ultimate TRUTH.

Our Aura and Chakra system is a blue print of what we are at our very essence.
When we are going through struggles whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, our energy body knows why and how to best move through this time whether it is making a decision on an opportunity or challenge, or simply getting clarity.

If you would like to get a reading from Lisbeth Fregonese as to what awaits your attention and awareness, then this popular workshop is for you.

Facilitator and owner of Luminous, Lisbeth Fregonese is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Mentor. Her aim is to open up an energy field within the space that allows all the guests to feel deeply relaxed, grounded, connected and at peace.

Disclaimer: Lisbeth is not a therapist and/or psychotherapist and the workshop is not intended to replace either of these professions.
This workshop is designed for entertainment purposes.