Journey Into the Crystal Kingdom w/ Kale


Are you interested in and/or feel drawn towards Crystals? Join your fellow Crystal Enthusiast, Kale Black for a fun & interactive evening with our friends from the Crystal Kingdom!

Workshop #1:

- How to care for our crystals (storing, cleansing, etc.)
- How to determine which crystals are "for you"
- How to "Program" your crystals
- Crystals to Balance your Chakras

Cost $25

Workshop #2:

- Crystals for Grounding
- Crystals for Abundance
- Crystals for Sleep
- Creating Crystal Grids
- Sizes/Shapes of Crystals & Effects

Cost $25

Future Workshops:
- How to use crystals for "Readings"
- How to use crystals in your Energy Work
- How crystals are used in technology
- Meditation to Journey into the Crystal Kingdom

Join us and feel free to send us a message if there are topics you would like to see covered!

More information about your facilitator:

Kale Black began working with crystals over 10 years ago, with his connection and relationship with these energies deepening as his Spiritual Practice grew roots (Meditation, Qi Gong, Mindfulness, Breathe, etc.).

Kale has worked closely with Crystal experts such as Brian Gray, Rhonda Pavlovich & Jordan Hill, among others, to gain both experiential & intellectual wisdom in the field.

Kale is a practicing Energy Worker & Workshop Facilitator at Luminous Energetic Pathways with training in Hypnosis, as a Reiki Practitioner, in Crystal Healing & as an Aqualead/Queldon Master.