Saturday Morning Qi Gong and Meditation with Sifu Edward Fregonese


Ancient knowledge of the energy body, the flow of chi and the importance of balancing our intrinsic energy fields (physical, emotional and spiritual) is starting to grab peoples' attention as more and more of us are being adversely affected by stress, pollution, exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals, and living the fast-paced lifestyle of today's modern world.

What if you were to learn how to create an internal world of peace, calmness, wellness and longevity? What if you were to learn how to ground your energy, remove stagnation, manage stress through breath control, movement and intention creating an abundant flow of chi? If this resonates with you then you will definitely want to attend our Saturday morning Qi Gong/Tai Chi classes.

Sifu Edward performing at the wellness expo unifying the energy in the room creating peace and balance There are many things that affect us externally that we can’t control so we must learn to protect ourselves by creating and maintaining a protective energy field to prevent the external from penetrating our subtle (energy) body.

This is done by creating a strong energy field in and around us that keeps our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body strong and balanced in the presence of either direct or indirect negative energy.

It is very challenging for people in our western society to learn and commit to a daily practice because of their busy schedules and the pressures of living in a fast-paced world. However, this weekly class is all about learning how to master the outside world by going inwards and learning to cultivate and direct your chi field in positive ways.

The class will begin with a short meditation drawing everyone's energy into the present moment and connecting to the universal chi field, leaving behind the day's busy events.

Sifu Edward will then draw upon his vast knowledge of the internal arts to provide a teaching on how energy works in the body so that you can understand, for example, how emotions like anger, fear or grief can be stored in certain internal organs negatively affecting their function or how blockages affect our chi flow leading to illness.

Once you have a clear understanding on the workings of your energy system and how chi flows within the body, you will begin to learn and practice the Qi Gong/Tai Chi exercise that corresponds to the energy system covered. Each week we will focus on a different energy system and review what we’ve learned the previous week.

The movements and exercises are gentle and easy to learn and are suitable for all levels of ability. The result will progress you towards self-healing with a continuing re-balancing of the body, mind and spirit. Each class ends with a sharing circle where Sifu Edward answers questions, clarifies or emphasizes important points to ensure that you will be able to continue to practice the exercises at home.

Sifu Edward leading an outdoor Qigong class For attendees interested in committing to a consistent practice of Qi Gong/Tai Chi, we offer a monthly membership at a cost of only $65 (tax included) a discount of up to $35 during a 5 week month (must be paid in full on the 1st class of every month.)

We strongly encourage such a membership as it is an investment in your wellbeing to nourish and nurture yourself as well as to protect, maintain and enhance your energy field so that you can live a much more peaceful, calm and stress free life.

Please wear comfortable and loose clothing (yoga wear is appropriate) and bring a water bottle (spring water is available at the center). To you with chi blessings.